1. A

    A guide to upgrading the sound system on A3 8v (so that it’s Hi-Fi and better than the B&O system)

    I’ve spent the last few months upgrading the sound system in my A3 convertible S-Line 1.4 TFSI CoD. I've been significantly helped by threads on this forum (serious respect to the definitive guide to B&O retrofit by airbus319), and thought I’d try and help others by setting out a guide to how I...
  2. ZIPPY2019


    I want to do work on my 2009 1.6 Audi A3 Sport (8P) Please can someone tell me where to find factory spec repair manuals with detailed guides etc. I have a Haynes Manual but it is not detailed enough. Thank you
  3. sbux1

    Ignition Coil Replacement - Any DIY guide for 1.6 Petrol?

    Out of the blue today, my A3 (1.6 petrol 2008 8P) started running lumpy and juddering at low speed. Engine light came on, joined with the ABS light.. Called RAC who confirmed it was an intermittent fault and that the coil pack, HD leads and spark plugs would need replacing. There are a few...
  4. xkieron99x

    How to enable rear speaker on half amplified spec cars

    Lately there been a lot of discussion of how to enable the rear speaker on half amplified cars, this "guide" will explain to use why you need one of theses harness and what type of harness you need and is pursuing you’ve got either a universal headunit (such as a pioneer or Sony etc) or a no...
  5. Lambman420

    Clutch Change

    hi guys, Will be looking to replace my clutch soon a3 1.4tfsi Might do it myself, just wanted to know, if I can be done on axel stands as I don’t have a ramp or anything, does any one have little guide or advice for me? Thanks in advance
  6. N417H4N

    Audi 8P S3 Sideskirt Retrofit Installation Guide (**PIC HEAVY**)

    There doesn't seem to be any decent guides out there related to this so as I was doing this retrofit myself I thought I'd create one as I know it helps others out. This guide is based on the 3 door sline model although I imagine the sportback will be very similar. I used only genuine parts in...
  7. Jamesrg


    Hi, i have a rough idle on my 2.0tdi 8P. i want to remove the throttle body and give it a clean to see if this cures it, but while im there i want to clean the EGR also, just want a quick guide if anyones has done this before on what ill need, the EGR and Throttle Body are inline together if im...
  8. NeilMc1983

    New Brake Disc Backing Plates (Splash Guard) Installation Guide

    Hi, As my brake disc back plates (splash guards) are badly corroded and a real eye sore on my 2004 A3 2.0 FSI Sport 3dr, i've decided to purchas 4 new ones and i'm now in the process of painting them and installing them. i thought i'd post some pics and mini guide in case anyone wants to do...
  9. Chrisk1993

    Numberplate LED error free loom guide

    All credits go to @Av4nt for this A4 Saloon guide and @t8ups for the loom. This is a small guide to assist with installing the bypass loom to stop any errors from being thrown on the dash when installing LED number plate lights. First remove the warning triangle at the clip shown. When the...