audi s3

  1. Z

    Audi s3 headlights don't work

    Hi I've got a Audi s3 which I recently repaired. I had broken my headlights and had lost my original ballasts but I have got some off another Audi s3. I have put them in and they don't seem to work anybody know what I can do?
  2. EmmaDilemma

    Sline recaro seats vs Golf mk4

    Help! I have to make a choice and quick, I've already arranged to pick the the golf's up but come across some slides at the same price 300, and don't know what to do! The golf's are an hour away and come from a 5dr. Heated. The slines are from a 3dr and are also heated. I've been sent a link...
  3. samruss

    2015 S3 Help

    Just got my S3 Cab in Australia. (no Audi Connect, as they don't have it here). 1) How do you upload POI's on the MMI? Speed Camera's etc. 2) Can I get a Wind Deflector anywhere? 3) Can you change the function of the buttons on the steering wheel? I want a button that is always 'Answer' and...
  4. kieran.boxall

    fitting tow bar to Audi S3 2015 Hatchback

    can you fit a tow bar only to tow a little motorbike trailer, I have rung Audi direct and they don't sell one it's a 2015 Audi s3 hatchback 3 door I also need it to be detachable tow bar any ideas?
  5. NatalieBx

    New S3

    So I've been offered a deal on an S3 I can have on 1st March, I just want to know if it's a good deal or if he's just trying to get the sale. I wanted a 3 year deal but he said a 4 year is better to keep the payments down, he also said set the mileage lower as it apparently doesn't make much...
  6. I

    Which Model to get?

    Hiya there, new to this forum but as I'm going to (hopefully) purchase my next car being a sporty Audi soon j was wondering some advice. I'm currently 21, driving a Vauxhall astra vxr with remap and exhaustv at about 280bhp, but I want something a bit more grown up as well as still being good...
  7. J

    Audi S3 Suspension 8l

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Am pretty sure somebody will know this before I start stripping stuff down. I have a S3 8l and the person that had it before has put lowered springs on it which make it look good but feels like s**t and pretty sure one of them are cracked! I have tried online to...
  8. R

    2008 Audi S3 indicators and wipers not working, also clicking noise from steering.

    Hi everyone, Recently purchased my Audi S3 2008 model in white so love to bits. But, the indicators and the wipers dont seem to work now. When turning the steering wheel also makes a click noise, but if you move the steering wheel position all the way down then the noise goes away. The radio...
  9. J

    Looking to buy new Audi S3

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, I just wanted to ask a few questions regarding new s3's. I'm looking to purchase a new Audi S3 and was looking for some tips and tricks on getting the best deal, and would love to hear some of your experiences with buy new audi's, regarding prices and finance etc...
  10. Cairnsy13

    Order Arrived, Absolute Torture!

    I ordered my S3 3 Door on the 14th of November, was told build week 1 of next year and I should receive delivery around the middle to the end of February sometime, well my car has arrived at Ayr Audi as of yesterday. Most people would be ecstatic at the thought of getting the car 2 months early...
  11. Shoomakan

    YHW Haldex Plug Impressions

    Good afternoon everyone, So, I've had my haldex plug in (c-clip) for the last week, and have covered about 500 kilometers on it so far. My impressions thus far: *Absolutely zero binding/locking at slow speeds, even with steering wheel fully locked. *Car doesn't chirp from the front when I...