audi s3

  1. thatoneS3

    EMD Auto Pure Carbon Spoiler DIY Install Audi S3/A3

    It's pretty simple but I made a DIY for anyone who is looking to purchase/install EMD Auto's pure carbon spoiler for the S3/A3 models! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Hope this helps.
  2. thatoneS3

    New Memeber - Calgary, AB

    Just dropping in to say hi! You can find me on instagram @thatoneS3 !
  3. Josh Burley

    Washer Tank / Reservoir

    Hi All, I've tried searching google and the forums and cannot for the life of me find out where i can buy a 5.5l washer tank for my screen. Car has headlamp washers if that makes any difference. Mine is useless and can only hold the fluid in for a week before its all leaked out. Audi s3 8l...
  4. K

    Just Renewed - Audi S3 Modified, comparison

    In case it helps anyone ... The car is 2003 S3, modified (turbo, ecu, chimney, wheels, suspension, induction), north west, 2 named drivers, 10k mileage, drive other cars 3rd party, like for like excess and cover etc. SKY I have been with Sky for many years (with the odd break) and have never...
  5. ceS3r

    Fuel Return Line from rail keeps on coming off

    Hello guys I've been having a problem with my car for a week or so. The hose that comes from the fuel rail to the return line keeps on loosing or coming off. No matter if I push it back in, it will come off again. The car sometimes struggles at high rpms either in full throttle or part...
  6. I_am_pilgrim

    Audi S3 engine break in period

    Hi everyone, Ordered my S3 at the weekend and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I know this has been posted before but I wanted to ask you all about the engine break in period. The sales person assured me that the break in period was a thing of the past and it wasn’t necessary. However the stuff...
  7. ceS3r

    Replaced faulty EGT... NO POWER!

    Hello all. Car is an Audi S3 8L BAM 225 I've been having an EGT sensor problem for quite some time now. I was getting an implausible signal or short to plus. I decided to buy the EGT repair kit from the guys at Poland that goes for 40 euros. According to different forums, this kit works very...
  8. Fanboy

    2011 Audi S3 8P3 Black ~60k Mileage CAT-D FSH for £7,500 - eBay Ad: Is this worth the money?

    Hi As the title says, is this Audi S3 worth the money guys? The seller's response:- The car starts runs and drives and has...
  9. A

    Help with 2008 audi s3 engine upgrades

    Hi there. Iv got a few questions about what's safe todo to my s3. At the moment the engine is standard besides a revo induction kit and a gearbox and engine remap running at 321 bhp. I want to get a forge intercooler, forge dump valve and a milltek turboback exhaust. Iv been told by the...
  10. B

    Facelift Insurance for S3 is a joke this year!

    I was fortunate enough to get an S3 last year after working my **** off and saving. My insurance for the year was £1500 with Direct Line. This is a steep figure, but considering I was only 21 with 3 years ncb and the spec of the car, it was reasonable. Now my renewal is coming round, I've been...
  11. Ben2960

    2017 s3 buzz

    Hi guys, I have a 2017 s3 which I have had from new after about 3 months of ownership I started to get a buzz noise at 2.5k revs which is intermittent, the car can be in motion or at stand still. I am now into a year of ownership and still have the noise after visiting all of the local audi...
  12. Naps

    Facelift Issues playing music via Bluetooth

    Hello all :) This issue has all of a sudden appeared and not really sure why, when I first picked up the car it had no issues at all. My phone connects automatically to my MMI for phonebook, media etc like everyone else's does, when looking in connection manager it will even state that my...
  13. KernowS3

    Moving from 8L S3 to 8P S3. Advice please!

    Hi everyone, Newbie to the forum but not to Audi's! Looking at buying my 3rd Audi, 2nd S3, 1st 8P. I'm going to have a look at one local to me tomorrow and I wanted some advice from those with some 8P experience. 1. Roughly what's a fair price? (He wants 9750 ONO) Details below. The car is...
  14. S

    Mystery Box

    I was replacing my cabin filter and upon removing the soft cover beneath it, this box fell down. Not sure what it is, thought perhaps tracking, but it seems to run cabling (which is very tight) behind the RNSE and display, but I cannot see where it connects too or what it is doing. I would...
  15. EmilS3

    Boost problems...

    Hi guys! I have a 02 BAM S3. Recently I fixed tha EGT sensor and some pipes under the manifold which where leaking a lot. The car now dramatically changed. It used to run 1.2 bar of boost and after 5500-6000 dropped to 0.8. After changing all those things car ran at 1.5-6 and kept it till 6500...
  16. WezS3

    Apx to BAM conversion

    Hi everyone Has anybody got experience with this conversion. I've just finished building my s3 swapped blown APX engine out to a BAM replaced loom and ecu with the engine. I try starting the car, it turns over, fires and then stops I've double checked the wires and vacuum pipes and all...
  17. B

    Build date moved back 2 months on my audi s3

    I've just checked my audi and my build date has moved from may 29th to july 31st, has anyone else had this problem? I placed my order the first week of feb And its set to be delivered in September, thats 7 months. Surely this is not normal?
  18. B

    Build date moved back 2 months

    I've just checked my audi and my build date has moved from may 29th to july 31st, has anyone else had this problem? I placed my order the first week of feb
  19. AJ Jacob

    Carbon Fibre Laminating

    Guys, Anyone out there who is a professional or good at doing carbon laminating?
  20. Adam Miles

    Facelift Insurance increase with FL

    So I'm having a bit of a frustrating experience getting decent quotes on insurance for the FL S3. I've got a friend with the pre-FL model and was initially using his reg for quotes, turns out that the difference in quotes between that and the new one is £700?! That's £70 per extra horse which...