audi s3

  1. N

    S3 Sports package wheels color

    Hello! Does anyone know a difference between Audi s3 sport package 19-inch wheels 8V0 601 025 AT | 8V0 601 025 FE? I need 2 wheels but found one 8V0 601 025 AT and one 8V0 601 025 FE. They look the same. And also colour code is the same on some info websites. But what is the difference then?
  2. G

    Vehicle electronics fault, shift to P

    I've seen this issue has been popping up across the forum. It was occurring every couple of days, disappeared within seconds, and didn't seem to be an issue whatsoever. But this time, I actually took it in to get it diagnosed and repaired by Audi. But it's back again. They diagnosed it as a...
  3. Q

    Electric windows

    Hi there I recently bought an Audi s3 2010 previous owner mentioned that sometimes the drivers window won’t go down but if he slams the door it sorts it. I had the car sitting for a week and I noticed that the rear drivers side window also doesn’t work on its switch at the same time. None of...
  4. Amirish

    Upgrading to RS3 Airvents (Full Video)

    Full step by step installation of RS3 air vents :)
  5. Charles Grandfield

    Facelift Injector Cleaning Service ???

    hi, I am having misfire issues at idle/low revs which my trusted garage believes to be an injector issue. I have had new coil packs and spark plugs fitted so that possible issue has been eliminated. Does anyone know of any injector testing and cleaning services in the South Wales area or...
  6. William McGougan

    Brakes not as good...

    Hi all, not been on here for a while, but I know you are a helpful bunch! My car has had 2 faults at around the same time, Firstly my DV has started fluttering constant, so I replaced with a new Rev G and it fixed for the whole of 2 days now back to flutter, I cant see any vac lines...
  7. luckyluk3

    Cam chain noise? (Video)

    I'm quite worried about my S3. I don't know how it's supposed to sound and i've read that it's a noisy engine but also comes with cam chain-problems, sometimes. When hood closed i can barely hear any noise but with it open it sounds like in the video, is it supposed to sound like that or what...
  8. Mastachaz

    VCDS Coding on s3 2018 - London

    Hi looking for someone who can activate for me powerfolding mirrors and few other bits on s3 18 plate im based in sw16 london happy to travel and off course pay :) thanks
  9. William McGougan

    For Sale Audi RS3 8V Injectors+Loom

    For sale are my Audi RS3 Injectors with adapted loom from AKS for 2.0tfsi platforms I bought them along with a hybrid turbo but Injectors are no longer required They have covered 4000 miles according to previous owner but I can't prove it, but they seem to be in good condition and latest...
  10. 420S3

    Audi S3 missing drive select & stop start

    Hi all, So I recently (2 weeks ago) bought a s3 8v that is remapped to stage 2, the car drives beautifully and sounds amazing however a few issues the guy told me was due to the remap I dont think are anything to do with that now. When I bought the car I got the tyres replaced a day later the...
  11. William McGougan

    Wanted Milltek decat S3 8P

    Looking for Milltek decat Will swap my sports cat + cash
  12. William McGougan

    For Sale RS3 Injectors & Adapted loom for Audi

    For sale are my RS3 Injectors, literally covered around 4000miles from new, in excellent condition, I got them with the idea of going big turbo but I went for a hybrid instead Comes with 4 X RS3 Injectors, adaption loom for Audi S3 8p £650 but will consider sensible offers
  13. HarveW

    AUDI A3 8P 2010 How to Remove exhuast

    Hi I want to change my orginal exhuast. Cut a long story short. I'm making an S3 replica. All the interior is done (except the climate control :|) So I am now working on the outside. I have the S3 back bumper and front. But before I change the back bumper I need to change the exhaust, as...
  14. Steelster

    Advice on main dealer vs independent service/MOT needed!

    Hi everyone, long time since I've posted on here! Hope you're all doing well in these crazy times. My 2017 S3 is due for its first MOT, and also because it is now 3 years old, due for a brake fluid change. I called a couple of places to double check if that is all that is required, and I've...
  15. T

    Audi A3 2016 s line

    Hi guys can’t find parts for my 2016 a3 s line. Does anyone know if the front bumper of the s3 will fit. Any further information on the compatibility would also be appreciated. Thanks
  16. localknoxville

    Hazard lights on, on start-up

    Hi all Just recently on my 2002 s3 8l the hazard warning lights are coming on, on start-up now and again I have scanned for any fault codes and nothing!! Any ideas?! i thought if it was the hazard switch, would that not give me a fault code? I think I read somewhere it could be the battery on...
  17. William McGougan

    Car taking a while to start since remap

    Since having the car stage 2+ Apr tuned my car is sometimes cranking for a while before starting then stuttering and stalling or gathers revs does have a runner flap delete and is mapped for it could this be the issue or is there any other common areas to look at?
  18. Olly P

    Looking for some advice, BMW 440i GC vs S3 Saloon

    My current cars is BMW 330D LCI but looking at new cars in the next few weeks as my E90's getting fairly high mileage. Budgets around £23k, starting to think about kids so needs to be practical, but also fast as really enjoyed the oomph of the 330D. I've always had my heart set on a 2016 ish...
  19. Woob

    Sold Audi S3, 2010 3 door, sprint blue

    For sale 2010 Audi S3, 3 door hatch back in sprint blue. Facelift model 2 litre, petrol engine, 6 speed manual gearbox, 4 wheel drive haldex system 99,957 miles - mostly motorway miles. Mileage will not rise as replacement car already purchased. Priced £10,500 Based in Cardiff CF23 Registration...
  20. P

    For Sale Audi S3 2007 - a bit special

    Hi all. Some of you will remember Dave's S3 from his build thread a few years ago. I was the lucky guy who bought the car from him in 2016, and I've had it ever since. Other than it now being a bit...