audi s3

  1. mve7

    Facelift Anyone Soundclip new s3 2019?

    can someone upload a soundclip of the new audi s3 2019 or a link to a video? I have ordered one and I hope the sound is not too bad
  2. ChristianSwe

    Battery drain issue

    Hi everybody! I have an issue with my Audi S3, 8P 2008 year's model that keeps draining the battery overnight so that the car doesn't start without a jump start. I've narrowed it down to fuse 19 in the engine bay compartment that is the issue. When the fuse is in and I check the drainage it's...
  3. S

    How to spot bad haldex system?

    Hi all! Just signed up to this forum. I was test driving a used car which I am planning to buy. It is 2015 Audi S3 Prestige model with 42700 miles. I have read few forums about haldex problems and want to find out how a normally working haldex behaves vs a bad one. I did a hard launch(not...
  4. H4VO

    2019 Audi S3 300ps

    Hi all. I have a new 300ps Audi S3, looking to get Stage 1 on it. Also noticed on the 300ps that the DSG exhaust fart is rather non existent, compared to the 310ps. Would a Stage 1 remap change this? Is anyway able to recommend a company that is highly rated for a Stage 1 remap? Revo doesn’t...
  5. C

    What is wrong with my car now?? My S3 is vaulting out black smoke and VERY poor mileage

    Hey guys.. Finally fixed a problem that made the car judder between 3500 and 4000rpm. Thought it was a VAC leak, but turned out to be an electrical wire that goes to a gray box i dont know what is tbh.. (It is connected to the DV and has many hoses on it), sorry for my mechanical disability...
  6. rajeevx5

    Attempted theft S3

    On Monday night where I am temporarily live, alarm went off at 3am which I had installed just a few days ago. I go down thinking it’s a false alarm and see my kitchen cabinets open and my back door open with the key barrel snapped. Luckily they ran off due to my house alarm going off. I...
  7. M

    Its been a while!

    Hello all Not been on here for about 5 years just thought id say hello! 5 years on and many other cars later its safe to say im back in a audi now! 1 year into ownership on my audi s3 64 plate was on 20k now on 30k warranties just ran out too so now the fun begins!! Heres a few pics of my...
  8. M7MD

    Facelift 2017 Audi S3 Facelift Catback Exhaust System

    Hello everyone, I'm welling to get a Catback exhaust system for my stock facelifted Audi S3 I'm confused on which exactly but what's to be noted I will be just getting a Catback system and that's all so no more modes on the car where it's my daily driver + so I can avoid wearing off the...
  9. Persian

    ULEZ ... Need a new (used) car?

    I’ve recently sold my 520D and now looking for a new (used) Audi… At the moment, I’m driving my girlfriends 8P3 09 140 TDI (Stage 1) to work which does about 48-55mpg. I do 50 miles daily from London to Hertfordshire. Now as I only do between 9k-10k miles a year, I’m thinking petrol for the...
  10. VEPS3

    Manual S3 Gearbox

    Hoping someone can resolve a dispute between my partner and I! We have a manual S3 64 plate, we've owned it since new. I've always found that changing gear needs a firm hand especially for sixth gear which is a long way over. I have always taken it as that's just how it drives and have never...
  11. M7MD

    Facelift RS3 8V FL Grill

    Hello everyone :) I want to get an RS3 grill from my 2017 Audi S3 FL because the one that I have got now from the factory it's really ugly and bad looking. Audi OEM = 1640 USD / 1440 Euro Online EMD Auto = 470 USD / 415 Euro anyone, please advise on which should I go for and what are the...
  12. Brillo182

    Audi s3 apr stage 1 clutch slipping

    I’ve had to remove my apr stage 1 on my Audi s3 manual, as the clutch started slipping. Annoying! The garage is quoting approx £1k for a stage 1 clutch, any recommendations on which brand I should go for? Also any other upgrades that would help?
  13. AJ Jacob

    Rear Wiggle/Shimmy!! - Eibach Pro

    Hi Guys, For the life of me I cannot figure out what causing this weird effect. Hope someone here can shed some light on the matter. I recently upgrade to the Eibach Pro kits and had a full 4 wheel alignment done along with re-calibration of the adaptive suspension. The issue I am getting is...
  14. kaspar

    Problems with Magnetic ride / suspension

    hi Im having problems with my magnetic ride on my S3. Last year i changed the stock springs to the H&R lowering springs, and everything was good as soon as the springs had settled. until about 2-3 months ago. I got my Wagner IC installed. The next day driving the car home from the shop...
  15. F

    Audi S3 8v 2014 turbo fail after 30,000miles

    Hello everyone, just look for some help I’m going to look at new car soon and I have found a nice spec one however its 2014 made in April. It’s done 30,000 miles was just wondering everyone could help thank.
  16. J

    Hello from Yorkshire! (Need Buying Advice)

    Hi all, hope everyone is well! I'm looking at purchasing a Used Audi S1, no specific plate but preferably something with low miles; I have just got my first years no claims and my insurance are weirdly allowing me to insure an Audi S1 cheaper than my current first car which is 1 .6L Ford...
  17. JM11EEE

    Advice please

    Hi all, long time reader here... need a bit of advice from anyone willing.... (yes this is a bit of a long read and I thank anyone who reads it and offers some advice) First off I have a S3 received on 6th july 2015. It's business financed through Audi finance. Now I've had quite a few...
  18. thatoneS3

    Clearmount for Audi S3/A3/RS3

    If anyone is looking for a phone mount for their 8V, Clearmount is the way to go! Pretty straight forward install but feel free to check out the video for a closer look!
  19. LeeDaviesS3

    Avon Tyres Anyone?

    My front's are ridiculously low, to the point I would be done if pulled, so time for 2 new tyres :) I have been on a few local sites and put my reg in and all seem to be coming back with good deals on Avon tyres. Now I have never heard of these myself but a guy at work has had them fitted to...
  20. thatoneS3

    No Homelink Audi S3?!

    I find it crazy how the S3s don’t come with homelink “-.- For those who don’t know it’s the button that is installed in cars that you program to open your garage without having to use your garage opener. Anyone know if there is anyway to get it in an S3? Or are we just out of luck?