Electrikhana 2: final drift video with Ken Block released

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‘Electrikhana 2’ was filmed with the Audi S1 Hoonitron in November 2022 – just a few weeks before the snowmobile accident in which Ken Block died at the age of 55. It was a matter close to the...

Binotto To Audi Is Back On According To Reports

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There was initially a constant flurry of rumour and speculation surrounding Audi's actual plans...

F1 vs NFL - how do the wages compare?

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When it comes to high-octane sports, Formula 1 (F1) and the National Football League (NFL) represent the pinnacle of motorsports and American football. Each boasts astronomical revenue figures...

Everything You Need To Know About 24 Hours of Le Mans

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The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the most famous and most brutal races in the world. It’s a special event for those who follow racing and every year fans gather all over the world to follow the...

The Role of Team Strategy in Audi's Racing Success

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Team strategy goes beyond mere speed in determining success in motorsports. Audi's consistent performance in racing events is the result of meticulous...

Looking Ahead to Audi’s Foray into Formula 1

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Audi are highly respected in the automotive industry and in the world of motorsport.

Could Audi Be Planning A German Connection For Their F1 Entry?

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Will Max Verstappen, will again gallop away with the 2023 season F1 Grand Prix winning crown?

Top 5 Highest-Paid F1 Racers of 2023

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It’s no surprise that F1 racers make a sweet salary for their job, and some of the most successful drivers have enjoyed huge paydays over the years. But, for the drivers who have managed to seal...

Audi’s 2026 F1 Entrance: What Are Fans Looking Forward To?

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This year’s Formula One season has been one for the books. Though people wondered whether Red Bull and Max Verstappen could take on a consecutive win, it seems impossible now that anyone could...

What Kind of Professional Sports Racing is there?

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Screenshot 2023 06 27 at 223822

The fast paced entertainment provided by motor racing continues to attract new audiences each year. The very nature of high-octane sports will always ensure a...

The Best Racetracks in the World

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There are many great racetracks worldwide.

Whether that’s due to track design or pure racing heritage, the finest circuits offer a stiff test of driver technique and bravery. Several of the best...

Red rhombus meets “Green Hell”: 40 years of Audi Sport GmbH

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not 40 years of us, one day yes but not yet....

Almost 40 years ago – on October 10, 1983 – Audi Sport GmbH, as it is known now, was founded as quattro GmbH. Today, it shapes the sporty and...

4 Reasons to Get Excited About Audi’s Entrance Into F1

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There might still be a long way to go in the 2023 Formula One season – but many fans of the sport are already looking well beyond this year to 2026. That’s because Audi formally announced its...

Audi Tease Fans With Promised Extra Reveals

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It is quite an exciting time in the world of Formula 1 racing right now, particularly for fans. Not only are there existing rivalries that continue to be at play, but avid watchers already know...

Audi Will Be the Power Unit Supplier for Sauber F1 From 2026

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Recent updates in the Formula 1 world have stipulated that from 2026, there will be new regulations outlining a heightened focus on...

Everyone's favourite drifter goes Audi Electric

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When US drift artist Ken Block releases his long-awaited Electrikhana video today, the Audi S1 Hoonitron will be featured as one of the principal performers: Developed and assembled at Audi Sport...

Beginners Guide On Formula 1

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We’re sure you’ve heard a lot of talk on Formula 1, however it may be a confusing sport to fully grasp. In this article, we’ll be giving you a little boost and telling you all you need to know...

As Audi Enter F1 They Could Feature A Very Famous Name

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At the end of August it was confirmed that German car manufacturer Audi would join the Formula 1 World Championship from the 2026 season, the news was met with plenty of excitement from F1 fans...

Audi Enters Formula 1 - YES, REALLY

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Audi enters the premier class of motorsport. From 2026, the premium brand will compete in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship with a specially developed power unit. The project will be based at...

Will Audi Finally Break Into The World Of Formula One?

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Today, the popularity of F1 and other motorsports has increased drastically, assisted by the advent of things such as Netflix’s Drive To Survive series. As well as this, the social media presence...

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