Audi Accelerate F1 Plans With Full Sauber Takeover

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As Formula 1 racing fans will know, Audi had long signalled their intention to enter the world of Grand Prix racing, and back in 2022 it was announced that they would be joining the sport as a power unit supplier, feeling that they were well placed to capitalise on the sweeping new regulations that are being brought in when it comes to increased electrical power and 100% sustainable fuels that will be applicable from 2026 onwards.

As part of these plans, Audi had originally planned to partner with Sauber - one of the longest standing race teams in Formula 1 - and they were going to acquire a stake in the group to cement their intentions.

However, in more recent times it has been confirmed that they will now complete a full takeover of the Swiss motorsport engineering company. Just like any live roulette online all takeovers are a gamble, it is a move many probably had not anticipated so it should be fascinating to see how it develops.

Having joined Sauber from McLaren back at the start of 2023, Andreas Seidl took on the role of chief executive officer, and Audi have now confirmed that he will remain in position running their project and act as the 'face of the future Audi Formula 1 Team.'

Many will wonder what sparked such a dramatic shift in their plans, as there were also significant management changes at Audi just a few weeks ago, but the new plans remain in total contrast to the original announcements. Everyone in the wider world of the sport of racing did know though that they had been working diligently behind the scenes, building their team of engineers as well as building the infrastructure and facilities for their new power unit base.

Having already reached an agreement for their takeover, it will be interesting to see what the plans are for the Hinwil, Switzerland, headquarters. Seidl did reference that the Hinwil base would feature prominently in their road map for competitive success moving forward, as would the new Neuberg, Germany base.

It certainly seems like it is all systems go for Audi and the carmaker have obviously doubled down when it comes to their plans for a 2026 entry, and one of their other key roles will be headed up by Oliver Hoffman. Currently the head of brand's Technical department, once the Sauber sale goes through, he will move to a newly created position of 'General Representative'.

He will be responsible for knitting together the whole Formula 1 team, as well as overseeing the development of the new Audi Power United and being in charge of the 'strategic steering and activation of the programme by Audi'. He will also become Chairman of the Board of Directors for all of Sauber's companies.

Given the changes and announcements that we have seen from the Volkswagen Group owned brand since they first announced their intention to join the grid, especially in light of this announcement and the change it marks, many F1 fans will be wondering what else might happen in the next 18 odd months.

One thing is for sure though, Audi have been adamant from the get go that they wanted to make a statement when they entered the sport, and it seems that they are even more determined now to do just that.


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