The Wheel’s Remarkable Journey: From Ancient Cogs to Stylish Accessories

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Oh, the humble wheel. It’s one of the main reasons the world has developed. Just take a look at the evolution of this now indispensable contraption. The story of the wheel’s evolution spans aeons.

The Ancient Origins of Mobility​

This evolution took the world from those rudimentary wooden discs to the wheel, even finding its way into pop culture. People can find the wheel’s concept in many things in life, from live roulette wheels that spin using velocity concepts, to lazy Susan’s and wheels on cars. Come along on this fascinating journey and examine the fascinating history of the revolutionary invention – the wheel.

When looking at the tyre’s evolution, the beginnings are a good place to start. So, let’s take a journey back to 3500 BCE in the burgeoning Mesopotamian civilization. This is when the first wheel graced the world with its presence. But guess what! It wasn’t as a transportation device.

The wheel started as a simple potter’s tool, designed to make pottery easier. The early wheels consisted of solid wooden discs that rotated the clay as the potter spun it around. Eventually, though, someone had a pretty big AHA moment.

It was in this lightbulb moment that they figured out that this tool could also be used in a plethora of other ways. One of those? The chariot, of course. Suddenly, humans were more mobile than before.

As civilizations began to evolve, so, too, did the wheel. Then, in around 2000 BCE, the Egyptians introduced a new type of wheel, which enhanced the durability and efficiency of the wheel’s design.

This new design contained spokes. Civilization, with the new design, reached a crucial turning point. They were now able to travel faster and more smoothly, and the expansion of civilization and trade continued.

The Renaissance of the Renaissance​

Let’s jump forward several thousand years and take a tour of the Renaissance. The wheel was once again about to get an upgrade. Who would help the wheel with its new glow? None other than Leonardo da Vinci.

He came up with the idea of ball bearings, and this new concept revolutionised the wheel. The addition of the ball bearing would allow for reduced friction and completely change the overall mechanics of the humble wheel. The reduction of friction opened up many new avenues for the wheel’s use.

It included everything from the standard carts to mills to clocks. Truthfully, the wheel could now be used in a lot of different ways. This paved the way for the wheel to find its way into even the realm of chance.

In the 17th century, the French mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal accidentally invented what would later become the modern roulette wheel. In the 19th century, even online versions of the game are using a real wheel: in live roulette, users watch a dealer spin the wheel via a live stream, rather than awaiting the outcome of a digital one powered by an RNG.

Final Thoughts: The Digital Revolution​

From the use of new materials to the addition of cutting-edge tech, the wheels of today are very different from those of the past. In fact, it seems that in the digital age, several giant steps forward are being taken.

How remarkable is it that this humble pottery tool has been a vital part of humanity’s progress and civilization for so long. It has morphed into so much more than that humble innovation.

That’s simply amazing and quite a testament to its part in human civilization. There’s no doubt in the minds of many: the wheel will continue to shape lives well into the future.

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