Who Can Identify this old (1970s?) car for me ...


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Vauxhall Viva or maybe Victor ?

Even better check out the Opel Manta in the background, tasty


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You beat me to it - Talbot/Chrysler Alpine. My parents had one from before I was born up until 1st August 1977 when my dad bought a VW Passat L. It was orange with black vinyl seats and a black vinyl roof. I can remember sitting in the back on summer holidays wearing shorts and getting stuck to the seat.

Glad my dad saw sense and bought his Passat - his second VW (he had bought a Beetle back in the late 1950s), and from 1977 onwards it was VAG only.

Out of interest, the Alpine and the Passat both had similar profiles:




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From the days when cars were designed with a set square on a Friday afternoon. Thank god for progress. I hear a rumour Talbot may be making a return as a budget brand, probably using some rebadged tat from a place I can't spell. Missing it already ;-)