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  • Hi Scotty, I'm just up the road at Gilden park and was wondering if you still do some work with VCDS? Would like to get a few things enabled/disabled on my A6. Let me know if we can sort it for some beer tokens
    Hi Scotty, Im new to the forum and have found you on the VCDS map and just wondered if you would be available to plug into my A3 8P with a drivers window issue (replaced master switch and motor but suspect might need a reset or hopefully confirm an issue on the door module) and also a MK4 Golf with an ABS light on. I work in Harlow and can get both vehicles to the same place if required.
    Thanks for your time
    Hello, do you still have the brochures of the options list on a 2009 A4, if so please send them my way at
    Hello mate hope you don't mind me contacting you, but I saw you on the vcds map. I've just brought a 2013 A3 and need the seat belt warning turned off through vcds. Any chance you could help?
    Hello mate I don't suppose u could look into audio settings for me. In vcds could u its so loud before u drive yet when u drive its so quiet it's rubbish if u could help be so happy cheers
    Hello Scotty, I was reading a thred where you said you went round the ring in your B6 s4 on standard brakes.
    Was it audi discs and pads you had? Ive recently bought a b7 s4 and after 2 or three heavy brakes the breaks fade so badly so im going to change the discs and pads.
    Hello, may I have your help to code by VCDS the Cruise control on the steering and ECM module on my A3 my2010? I can obviously give you a contribution. Thanks. Please send me a PM or email:
    Hi, i need parking sensors looked at as i get long beep for few seconds then nothing at all. Audi a4 2.0 tdi b7. Cheers

    I found you on vcds map and Wonder if you can help.

    Have a A4 cab b6 on 07 plate with 60k. Emission light came on today and stays on so could do with a diagnostic scan.

    I live in Bishops Stortford so happy to meet at McD's Jnc 7 at your convenience and happy to sort out cost.


    Hi mate, found you on vcds map, I was wondering if you could do a bit of coding and clear one fault code (airbag). I'm in chingford and I can travel to you where ever you like. Obviously I'll sort you out with some greenbacks.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    B6 passat tdi 170 highline.
    BIG BIG favour, I understand you have a VAG com, if you get the chance do mind if you run my car for me, got some issue with my A3 spent so much money getting it fixed and it just aint running right... got hesitation and it could be many things

    Levi 07983437252
    Hi, you got suggested to me by someone about checking the fault codes on my Audi? I only live in walton, if there is any chance you could help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks
    Hey found you on vagcom map. Engine management lights came ON in my Audi A3 last week, Any chance you could log my faults at sometime you are free? I live in Harlow.
    Hey man found you on that vagcom map thing. Any chance you could log my faults at sometime you're free? Ill give you some dollar.

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