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  • Hi Warren , i was surprised to see your based near Ammanford. im based in swansea and need help on Fault Code 01486 on a S3 8p. could you please help me and how much is your fee. many thanks
    hey warren are you up the north west? if you are i've heard great things about your S5, now would it be possible for you to take me for a spin in it please?
    hello, saw on one of your posts you are running 235/35/19 wheels on an s3, i have got the same size wheels on my a3 2.0 tdi sport, and suffer with arch rubbing issues, and was wondering if you had this problem and how you got around it. thanks andy
    Hi Warren,

    I was looking at your recent build thread and I too think the front looks a little high on the S3. I was thinking about Bilstein coilovers but they are expensive and once I had them on I would never adjust them again.

    I would be very interested to hear more about what you are getting done by APS (i.e. the front lowering only) and in particular the affect this has on the handling and ride of the of the car without making any changes to the rear suspension.

    I was advised against using lowering springs by my tuner because the ride gets bouncier and since I had uprated ARBs i have found because the car corners flatter the up-down movement is much more noticeable.

    i had a smile on my face when i saw your car as i've had mine in the US for 3 years. I did the black and silver theme 2 years ago with a full s3 conversion inside and out. Love the look of the silver coated front and rear lamps as I've always hated the orange. those front buggers are expensive but worth it. those wheels of yours come in an aftermarket 19 X 8.5 ET 48 and will not rub and obviously don't need spacers. I suggest carbotech bobcat pads front and rear as they are rotor friendly and nearly dust free. cheers and once again, that's a beautiful car and the 3 door version of my car.
    Hi Warren, i was reading the manual to the RNSE the other day as i'm looking at getting one - and it turns out SD cards and Ipod connections have their own dedicated EQ - so if you still havent got the sounds how you want, you might need to EQ both channels up.

    I finally remembered their were friends when someone I don't know sent me a friends request tonight!
    Wow! I've finally earnt the respect of your friendship, I'm honoured :laugh: :wub:
    Hello mate, i have a full MV Sports TBE for my golf ed30 and ive just bought a Autotech pump, how do you find the pump coupling up the exhaust??
    Hi mate
    I got the BSH one as at £100 it was a steal. However, it's turned out that you get what you pay for.
    Read this: http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=244397

    I've had to spend quite a bit of cash mopping up issues with the BSH system.

    Personally if I had my time again I'd go for the FOrge unit. The BSH feels a bit rushed and cheap.

    Hope this helps mate, apologies for the late reply, its been a busy week


    Hello Warren,

    I'm in the market for a catch can but can't figure out whether to buy the bsh or the forge unit. I noticed a major price difference and I'm not sure whether its justified. Of course if the forge unit is specifically made for the s3 it might not require labour and over here in Greece they charge alot. It might wind up to be the same thing cost wise in the end. Have you noticed a difference in the running of the engine, smoother operation etc. I checked out your thread on the catch can and I noticed some comments from the others and it seems necessary in a high performance engine for longevity etc. Its definitely on my list of bling items anyway but it seems like that was alot of crud in the photo and made me wanna get one asap.
    I actually think the Astra is one of the better mid priced hatchbacks when you compare it to an average Megane, Fuckus, Peugeot 308 etc... My wife often has an SRi Diesel with a Sport button as a work pool car and it goes like stink. If life got tougher I'd consider one, and the VXR is bound to be pretty good fun. The Corsa VXR goes like stink, and the THorney Motorsport VXR-R is a flyer.
    Try taking one around a track you might like,no it was not free it was over a hundred quid....had a free trackday with it though ;)
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