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  • Hi Dave

    Do you still have the rear adjustable tie bars for sale. And if so could you quote me the price incl P&P to IV31 6SD

    My car isn't lowered but I have an extreme amount of rear camber on it. In your opinion is this normal?
    hi dave, do u still do the adjustable tie arms? if so , how much, and how soon?
    same here dave I would like a set of 2 bars maybe 2 sets depending on price
    Thank you so much for the tie arms. Really good looking and great welding.

    I am a member of TTOC and the TT Forum, i was asking on the TT Forum for tie bars, your name came up and suggested i looked for you on the audi sport-net site which I managed to do :)

    can you help with a set of adjustable tie bars?

    regards liam
    hi mate do you still have the Frankenturbo mani up for grabs ?
    cheers pete
    Hi dave just wondering do you still do the rear arms for the s3? And if so do you send them to Ireland ?
    hi dave, I have been told to get back in touch with you regarding the brackets for the fmic, are you able to produce these or have any available.


    Hi mate just seen the pics of your car when u got the roof wrapped looks really good. I noticed there is a red strip on the front grill you got any pics of it and what did you do it with? Looks cool thanks
    hi mate was wondering if you could scan my car for any codes have got an intermitten starting problem with it ?
    If you could can you let me know how much too please thanks
    Thanks for the quick response. I have a guy in leeds to thats offered to do it, but if he fails i will give you a shout, i have the coding details so im sure i could manage. Thanks again, juliam
    Hi Dave,

    Just on the off chance- Do you have any 8L tie arms for the S3? Or will you be producing any more in the near future?
    Hi, ive heard your one of the lucky ones with a Vag com, I need to program my 2005 A3 to link with my new multifunction steering wheel and also activate my cruise control ive fitted, can you assist, im willing to pay. im in birkenshaw bradford but will come to you if required, cheers, julian
    Hi mate, are you still doing the tie bars, if you are could you message me your payment details, as I need some asap many thanks Paul
    Mailed you on your hotmail account mate, ref the tie bars. Could you get back to me on them? Thanks, Jon
    Im interested in some of your tie bars, I have an 02 plate s3 which i have just lowered and the camber on the back wheels is ridiculous, please could you let me know how much they would be to post to whitby north yorkshire and what is the best way to pay, Also do you have any pictures of them?


    Im interested in some of the tie bars for the s3 could you let me know if you still do them? how much? and best way to pay?

    Hi Dave

    Yes the car is mapped it had a Revo map but then (AMD Alcester) ****ed up the ECU map and completely ****ered the map, so because they are a race and rally prep centre in alcester they applied a custom map to the ecu, it just keeps pulling all the way to the red line and limiter now?

    All that said dave should I get the brakes up graded, was thinking brmbo junior GT or is that just over kill? I dont intend to go past the performance I have already, but the brakes and the jiggly chassis need some work
    Can't pm u as your inbox is full apparently
    Your bang tho too many nobs
    You fancy ace cafe or that meet in Bristol
    I know u inters yeah !!!!!
    Right that's my problem then.... Doh... Will it send it into limp mode if I fit the other way round... Silly question I know the answer to that.... Doh...lol
    Right that's my problem then.....doh :) will that send it into limp doing it the other way round..... Silly question cos I know the answer is yes.... Doh....
    Hi Dave, are you still doing the adjustable rear tie bars? If so, how much including delivery? Cheers, Graham
    hi dave, could you give me a price for the rear tie bars including postage thanks mike

    ps. that's if your still making them
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