What have you done to your A4 b6 today?


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Seen this on past forums and not noticed a thread like this on here.
Basically whatever you have done to your b6 today stick it up on here. Washed it, fixed it, modded it, looked at it, took it somewhere...so on.


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Looked at it parked up at work. That's it.


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Started to strip the tailgate I got off Quattrojames and started to replace the buttons on my aircon controls.


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Bought a new bonnet, some painted side sills from another member,finished painting my door blades,new front bumper lower, new spot lamps and some new bulbs from trups.

Busy times :)


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Drove it to work and back..

These came in post today though, will fit tomorrow in daylight.

Not so sure about the "carbon fibre" holders though, will need to see them on the car.

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Washed it, replaced some of the vacuum hoses (the ones down to the N75 are a PITA!) and attempted to Mr Muscle the turbo.


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Ripped apart my already knackered headlights,got the projector lense out. Hoping to mod it to the fog lights.


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Looked at it, drove it to B&Q then swore at it lots as i have developed a ****** rattle from the boot area!!


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Left her in a car park for the week as I'm working away from home, hoping to come back with it still in one piece :sadlike:

I hate when I have to leave my car somewhere random for a week or so. :(

When I recently bought my b5 I had to go on holiday about 3 hours after I drop eat home. I was so gutted that I had to leave it on my drive all lonely.

As for my b6, nothing done on it in a while. I occasionally walk past it on the drive and glare in and look at its sorry state as my wife neglects the interior more and more. Women!!


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Yesterday I replaced a section of wiring to the rear lights.
The car had a tow-bar at somepoint, who ever fitted the electric hookup decided it would be a good idea to scotch-clip into the loom just before the rear lights - meaning over time the wiring has become damp.etc and finally corroded the wire.

Only thought I had a bulb out too! lol


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Removed cup holder and gave it a good clean


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serviced car yesterday changed from 5w30 to 5w40 and fitted the large oil filter from transporter, took just shy of 4l, ordered complete set of interior lights and main/dip/sidelights from turps will have pictures once fitted, today im going to tackle the condensation in my headlights


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Today I managed to look at it, resist getting in, took my bike out the garage to cycled to work. Was tough, but a lovely day for it.


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Got this last week for £10 inc post.

now going to strip it for the buttons!

That's a double DIN version! Do you know what they're worth!?

Strip a single DIN by all means, but double DIN are not easy to find, must be worth at least £75 in good condition.


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nothing today yet, if it's still dry when i get home, i'm gonna have a shot at replacing the drivers window regulator as a cable snapped :(


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Filled it with tools and sat in traffic for a stupid amount of time in high Wycombe.
If you asked last week, I changed its broken aux belt tensioner, was quite a satisfying job.


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Today i found these buttons on my drivers door.
I dont have a manual and couldnt find an online one. Anyone know what these do? I assume its to do with the alarm?

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it's past midnight so here goes, In the morning getting -40mm apex springs fitted all round, new rear drop links and anti roll bar bushes, can't handle wallowing around on SE springs any longer.