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  • Did you ever see Damien ?

    He never got back to me sadly.
    Annoying as I sourced Tdi clocks and cruise stuff
    Hi Adam

    No not had clocks done yet as Danio is too far away for how much money i have :)
    Hello mate. I never had any coilovers for the 8L. I have bought a set for my S3 but thats an 8P....cheers
    Cheers Adam, but I moved to London 18 months ago! Forgotten to update my profile!
    Yep i found an Octavia box with only 38 k on it

    now fitted with G60 SM flywheel and paddle clutch rated at 480 ft lb :)
    pedal is lighter than the standard clutch was too which is nice.
    Also fitted a pair of 180 hp A3 driveshafts as the 90 -115 tdi ones can snap with high torque.

    Yep did my cambelt

    Buy a gates branded kit off ebay and get it fitted by specialist is my tip.

    Its easy to do but you need £150 worth of tools to do it properly :(
    so far i only bought camshaft locking tool
    i used drill bits to lock the pump etc but was a nightmare
    i was a motorbike mechanic for 15 years and navy marine engineer for 15 more :)
    so its not that i dont know ;)

    yeh you work opposite me lol i work in the bcuk building for building careers normaly park round the side near the spiral stair case is out side the cpuk building
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