STOLEN AUDI**recovered

Alais DJA

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It sickens me to have to do this - but Thursday Evening my Audi was stolen from Outside my house.

For all those that are planning to go to shows / events / and general meets in the South Coast - please keep a look out.

Its more closure that im after that its finally gone, also sad as i finally decided to sell it next month.

- Blue A3

Main destinctive features being Carbon Wrapped Wingmirrors / Bonnet

Massive single oval centre exhaust at the back.

German style plates Front and Back
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Sorry to hear that mate, got any pics , people remember photos better than descriptions


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Sad to have to read this dude :(

I'll keep an eye out at events and in general for you round the South East and South coast.

Hope the thieving bar stewards get caught and have the book thrown at them.

Alais DJA

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Thanks alot.

A3 TQS.jpg

Adam P

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Sorry to hear this mate, i will spread the word and keep my eyes peeled locally for it.

Alais DJA

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Thanks Ads

Alex C

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might be a good idea to post it up on some of the other sub-forums (A3, A4, general chat) as this won't get all the traffic it might otherwise do

A3 T

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Sorry to hear that mate :(

How did they take it, with keys?

Alais DJA

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Well - here's the update.

At approx 5.45 pm last night a male was arrested and found with the keys and the car parked up.

Early indications show that the car is fine, and is currently in the police impound yard awaiting dusting for prints.

At 1am this morning i received a text as follows -

Just to make you aware the male we arrested in relation to your burglary was charged with burglary, taking a motor vehicle without consent, driving without a licence, and driving with no insurance. There is still a further suspect outstanding in relation to this.


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glad to hear this scum bag has been caught. can only begin to imagine how you must feel about the whole thing though!


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I've always had major issues with people who think they have the right to take anything (not just a car) that doesn't belong to them.

I had a car stolen about 10 years ago, and left burnt out on the side of the road. I also had my works van broken into last year and had over a £1000 worth of tools stolen. Luckily I could afford to replace them at the time. What ****** me off is he probably got **** all what they were worth down the pub so they could buy a few 10 bags. But could of potentially ****ed over my livelihood completely.


They don't realise how much it can **** someone over, just for a laugh for them for a short period of time.


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Pleasedits been found, hope they haven't abused it to badly.

I bet the scrotes involved wont even get a stiff talking to, the justice system is a limp wristed corporate *******ised joke.


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I'm glad they caught the ******! With todays justice system he will probably get away with it

I don't think i'd be able to keep the car knowing some scum bag have been routing through it


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At least they caught them! I hope your motor is alright mate and no damage, had you spoke to insurance yet?

Just remember when you sell it to leave out " always warmed up and cooled down" .................


Alais DJA

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* * * update * * *

car is home and well.

After a new starter motor that the little ****s burned out, and 2 new rear tyres - the TQS is all home safe.

Just gotta prey for a nice day Saturday so i can clean the CID filings off the bodywork


Defo worth the wait :)
Good news mate, glad the car is still decent enough for you to hold onto it and carry on using it.


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Ah glad you got it bk mate, it sadly seems to be getting more common this way , absolute scum of the earth. Glad it's all worked out ok though and good luck with the CID filings I remember them well on a car I was lucky to have returned !


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Happy for you mate. Unfortunately I think you are in the minority. If by a fluke the police actually manage to catch a criminal these days, then you are guaranteed the justice system will let them away with it. I hope in this case they throw the book at them.