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  • Morning, I have recently purchased an S3 which I intend hill climbing next year. Would like your help in getting a roll cage if possible? Many thanks Daz
    Hi, i have a 1997 a4 1.8t saloon non quattro and i have been offered a set of staggered 18" wheels 8.5j & 9.5j with a 35mm offset and wondered if it was possible and advisable to fit these to my car and what size tyres to use.
    Hi Prawn just wanted to ask where you got your S2000 air filter , want one in orange with black connector .
    Cheers Pete
    Hi mate been reading your club gti write up on your build and it's impressive great work have your videos on YouTube watch them daily for some inspiration on getting mine mapped at badger5. I also have an a3 agu s reg k03s conversion sorry rambling. Anyhow I was wondering where you got your rubber handbrake cover from I cannot find anything similar anywhere abit rude to ask but worth a try lol. Quick last question is it worth getting an s3 intank pump before the custom map or won't it make a difference as mine seems to starve when boost kicks in since the k03s. Thanks Ben
    Hey bud how're you? Just wondering if your free at any point this weekend to possibly give my car a scan as I'm still having a slight issue since the k03s upgrade :)
    Hey dude
    Do you know if the g60 flywheel & vr6 clutch setup would work on a 99 a3 quattro, it has got the 5 speed gearbox but I'm not sure if it's different to the fwd. wouldn't ask unless I was really stuck, thanks dude
    Hi Nick
    nice to see you the other night at Aarons
    i think i may have found a swap for my derv and im running here before i can walk but is it hard to do tfsi conversion is it a bolt on conversion is it downpipe and turbo and map or is a lot more complicated here is spec of car
    - 305bhp 338lbft RTech custom remap
    - AEB large port cylinder head fully refurbished 20K ago
    - IE Forged rods
    - Stock K04 turbo and actuator with only 30K on it
    - Relentless exhaust manifold
    - Full miltek non res
    - Relentless downpipe and de-cat
    - 550cc Bosch injectors
    - Badger 5 TIP V1
    - Jetex cone filter
    - KW Supsension
    - Golf R32 rear anti roll bar
    - Porsche Boxster 4 pot brakes
    - AEM Water Methanol Injection Kit
    - Cambelt, water pump, oil pump all replaced when rebuilt 20k ago
    - Front Mount Intercooler
    - Silicone hoses
    -- - single mass flywheel and clutch fitted 20K ago
    - Oil cooler
    id appreciate your advise in this
    best wishes NEIL
    Hi Prawn,

    Do you know if there is a drop link that fits from the coilover body to a whiteline front arb on a a3 1.8T?

    Hi mate,

    just wanted to say congrats on a really great result on the TFSI turbo 370bhp from a humble 1.8 T is awesome. I'm hoping to go the same way, once it's available for a S3.

    Keep up the good work.


    Alright mate just signed up on here as ive bought a 1.8t 8l a3 and have ended up lowering it a little on coilovers. Now my off side drive shaft is rubbing on my arb even with the adjustable drop links in. Ive read on a thread that an audi tt front arb would do the job but I have a few questions about it. What year tt would I need to source one from and also will i have to modify anything when it comes to mounting it and whatnot. Id appreciate it if you can shed some light on this for me please.
    hey buddy would this turbo be worth a go? VW Golf mk4 GTI 1.8 turbo K03/K04 Hybrid turbo | eBay or just stick with getting a k03s?
    Hey prawn how's its going? How did you wire that switch to run.on actuator pressure?

    Evening, i dont suppose your the Prawn that used to ride trials with Jon Fisher are you?
    Either way, you seem to know the details regarding s3/tt rack conversions. I have a 2003 A3 TDI Quattro, and although handles well, i do want it sharper. I'm thinking R32 arbs and a quick rack conversion. However reading one of your posts, it will mess up my ESP.. Dont suppose you found any way to make it work did you?

    Cheers in advance
    Hi Prawn,

    You Would know how much it is to get into Brands Hatch this weekend, im not planning to go on track? Also what is there to do for people are not going on track?


    Can't send you anymore messages mate says your inbox is full ! It's deffo n75 valve just had a look on eBay ! When I say t-piece there's actually 2 pipes already to it and just one left that goes into the tip ! Il get a length of pipe and a straight connector and do it like that for now !
    Hello buddy how are you? I'm not to sure
    If u have bin getting messages as my phone has bin playing up,
    Do u no if the vr6 clutch would work and be any good with my fly wheel? It's solid and I'm going to get it lightened to 6 kg as you said, but I'm not sure what make it is, I had it replaced with my clutch by a local garage so guessing it's the euro car parts one u mentioned before, not to are how they work of if they would line up or not, cheers mate
    Hi mate just wondering if you remember what hid kit you got because I have the same aftermarket headlights I know it's h1 but not sure what kit I need? Thanks, jack.
    hello bud, dont suppose you know off the top of your head what diameter my front arb is do you? need to order some new bushes
    Hi mate can u tell me what im gonna need to fit a fmic intercooler kit, 1998 agu engine code 1.8t sport thank you
    Hi mate I just ordered the turborevs kit for my a3 you seem to know all about this one lol mines not an aum so am I right in thinking I don't need any othere bits? Want to fit it myself is this not a good idea? Thanks mate.
    I havnt used brackets, just mounted it directly under the crash bar. Did u just cut the original brackets up and then redrill them? Might give it a go tomorrow, just got a coldside kit and waiting for my new silicone couplings to arrive and they need to be fitted too.
    haha. you've got to make your own brackets up mate. what's your looking like currently?

    the pipes fitting is entirely dependant on you mounting the core in exactly the right place. it needs to sit as far back as possible, and directly tight under the crash bar.

    the brackets in the kit don't fit anywhere at all, I just cut them up and used bits to make some new ones.
    hello mate, did you use the supplied brakets to fit the IC core or something else? want to sort mine out, the pipes look stupid sticking out!
    no discount mate, just what it'll cost you from, I'd call them if I were you!

    You got MSN to save using this gay thing so much?
    thats a good price, havnt got any pictures as yet, will try and get some tomorrow. its pretty in your face though where i have mounted it further forward, will look better when i have the black silicone connectors on the core. was that price discounted at all?
    I've actually stopped using mikalor clamps mate, I wasn't too impressed with them really. I still use them on the exhaust though.

    I think I paid £70 total for all the silicon bits I need, and a full set of JCS HITorque clamps to hold it all together!

    You got any pics of your IC fitted?
    hello mate, can i ask, how much did you pay for your replacement silcone bits and bobs? been speaking to roose motorsport and they seem quite good, would you recommend proper mikalor clamps?
    Lol ok mate, did the intercooler today, I put it directly under the front panel so the cooler sits quite far forward! Its what I wanted tho so is not too bad, its not exactly decreet tho! I was wondering if u could send me over the sizes for the silicone coupers cos I want to get some good black 1s!
    no. they can't do that mate. the only places that can easily help you with that are JBS themselves, Badger5, or R-tech. I'd go with badger5 of Rtech though, JBS are a bunch of *****.
    do you recon they would be able to do a custom map on the agu with a hybrid from cr turbos or scroll productions?
    fair enough, where would you recommend local-ish to me?

    ok sounds simple enough, anything else that i need to know about? top tips?
    JKM can't map your car mate, they can only offer a stage 1 for the ko3 turbo, which is no use to you at all. you need a custom map to suit the ko3s on the AGU.

    The brass nipple needs to go near the turbo outlet, as it's to control boost via the N75. just put it somewhere that allows you to use the original N75 pipe.
    cheers matey, just spoke to jkm and they do a revo for just over 400. another question i was going to ask you, i'm gonna attempt to do the fmic this week pending on the weather, the small brass nipple, wheres this got to go?
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