Sat Nav - Faulty?


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Nov 11, 2003
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Walsall, England

I have a 2010 A4 S-Line with 3G navigation and it appears to be faulty.

The unit keeps telling me to turn left at roundabouts even if the route is showing to the right. The audio instructions on approach are fine but when actually at the roundabout it says turn left all the time.

Has anyone else come across this and got a fix?

Will be booking in with Audi to see what they say.

I would try the factory reset in the MMI first, to see if that sorts it..
I've got a thread on here somewhere about my issues with my 3G MY2010 satnav issue.

I took videos, submitted them to Audi, had all the updates etc etc.

They couldn't resolve it. They also admitted that since the MY2013 cars had a different system that they wouldn't be spending time on trying to resolve it more than they had.

I took £1k off them as compensation but that took a long while to get to.
Thats ridiculous, a system advising you to go wrong way is acceptable to them & bribe owners to accept it, thats shockingly bad.
Bribe to accept it or refund the money paid? I guess it's how you spin it.

The issue is on aproach everything is fine. On the roundabout the timeing of the annoucement on which exit to take is sometimes wrong.

It wasn't like that on 2G and more than 99% of people have had the problem solved by software updates. Audi are not gonna spend millions to resolve the issue for a tiny percentage of people when the system is not replaced.

I'm fine with the £1000 payment.
Why shouldnt they fix it, afterall its a problem & as much as bean counting is mostly king, how about reputation & customer satisfaction.

So you pay 1k for the system?

So the fix for you would be what now exactly, are you saying a specific hardware version fitted is the problem & can it be fixed by changing hardware for latest?
We discussed that and there was lots of oohs and arhs.

I concluded I'd rather have the money in my pocket.

Put it another way if you had the choice between paying a £1000 for a perfect system or 0 for the same thing but that sometimes gives you an incorrect call what would you take. It tells you which way to go before correctly, you have all the displays, it's just the "now turn left command".

It's true that I hunted it down like a demon as I wasn't gonna just accept it. Given the option I'm happy.

The £1000 for the 3G and the refund for the dimming/folding mirrors means my "cash back" will cover any issues out of warranty for a while.
I didn't realise the 'turn left' when you enter a roundabout issue had a fix..?? I thought it was all part of the audi sat nav being crap... Be worth me asking for the update to see if it works for me...!
I have the same issue on MY2010 A4 s-line exec HDD based version. Not sure if I'm allowed to post links to other forums but if you do a search on google for 'MMI 3G Voice Prompts & TMC Fix Now Available at Audi Dealers' and search for 'MMI 3G Sat. Nav. Voice Prompts Timing' and click first link each time, plenty of people have this problem.

There is supposed to be an update to fix this which some people have had with success but when I contacted Audi UK and my local dealer both stated they were not aware of any issues. I'll be taking it in to my local dealer to demo this but not going in with much hope of them fixing it.
Mine was fixed last year, been fine since, apart from not having full post codes I actually quite like the Nav

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