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  • Hello been referred to you by another member, I live in Chesterfield and he said you had vcds, I have a fault on a recently bought audi s4 wondered if you could help, if not don't worry. Thanks
    Hi ive been told to get my car to have a vcds scanto try and find out why my cars going into limp mode when accelerating hard would you be able to do this
    Hi mate, any chance you can run a VCDS on my A4 b8 for some beer tokens,. Having some issues with it i think a scan is the best thing
    Hi. I've been pointed in your direction about some vag com coding. I'm after the needle sweep, what else can be coded? It's an A4 b8. Thanks.
    hi mate just wondered if you could do a scan on my car, its an s3 8l. im going for a remap at r-tech on the 18th and think my maf has had it. I live in Chesterfield, what do you charge.
    hi mate, I'm having heater blower issues with my 09 a6 tdi, any chance of doing a scan please? happy to pay, cheers Paul
    hi there got esp and abs lights on intermittently could you do a scan for me to check for faults thanks,
    stephen mackay
    hello mate ......did you find out the problem ? ive got the same lights on
    Hi there, just fitted some puddle lights to my A4 and wondered if you could code them in please?
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