Problem arisen - where do i stand?


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Dec 14, 2013
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So I purchased my A3 last year, and not long after ri picked the car up i noticed that the corner piece of plastic that sits on the rear drivers side window was bubbling.

I mentioned it to the dealership I bought the car from and they said to put it into Audi and get it fixed.

So £400ish pound later... all was sorted (The bill was sorted by my dealership so cost to me was £0)

However i have just noticed that yet again the little piece of plastic has started to bubble again!

The work was done around 12 months two weeks ago, I phoned Audi today and they told me to go in and see them about it, (the woman seemed disinterested tbh...). However where do i stand with it?

I think it is beyond the 12 months (barely), however given that the other side is fine (and that has been on since day one) there is clearly some fault with it, do I have a leg to stand on?

I am going to email the dealership i bought it from (and who paid for it last time) to see what they think, but i would kinda like to go into Audi having some idea of what i should expect to be done (that is reasonable)
Genuine VAG parts have 2 years warranty.

There should be no problem at all.
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