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Jul 10, 2010
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Ok basically bought a S3 from Manchester Audi, had a few issues when I bought the car main one being they sold me the car with 2mm left on the pads (front and rear) and scored discs. They changed them, sorted!

Went to Bolton Audi and had 3 problems:

1) Sounds like the clutch release bearing is faulty(when idling, rattles, press clutch in rattle goes away)
2) Fan belt/ tensioner rattles when cold
3) Sweaky doors/windows (does my head in)!

Bolton said, no faults found and even though I bought the car from a main dealer, they wont do anything about it and I should take it back to the dealer I bought it from. Now today, braking on the motor way (i know shouldn't be braking on the motor way) but got wheel judder which to me seems like warped discs.

Where do I stand with this lot? Not what I expect from paying 17k for a car really....
Did you buy the car under the Audi Approved Used Car Scheme, if so and if you are within 30 days of purchase, take it back and get Manchester Audi to sort it out. Below is a quote from the Audi web site describing the 100+ checks that are carried out before sale

"Before it makes the grade as an Approved Used Audi, every pre-owned Audi model must pass over 100 thorough inspections. An Audi technician makes separate mechanical, interior and exterior checks, conducts a full road-test and prepares a detailed written report which is available for your assessment."
sorry for being thick. why did you take it to bolton audi when you bought it at manchester ?
Its still within warranty, take it back to Manc & get them to sort the issues or throw some words about at Bolton to get it fixed.
doesnt matter anyway they are all slimey ******** once you give them the money they dont give a ****..
The 2nd hand warranty, ie 3yr+ is not the same cover as the manufacturers. You are relying a lot on the dealers good will and service now.

BTW 17K is cheap for an S3 from a dealer! whats the mileage, spec etc.?
Apart from the little faults it sounds a great buy.

Clutches are cack on on S3s, warranty fitted units seem to be much better. OEM SACHS units by all accounts.

Good luck