monza 2012


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finally booked up tickets for monza this year
dream come true, always wanted to watch the f1 live
flying out 7th september with my stepdad so we will catch saturday practice, qualy and the race sunday
happy days :)


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Nice one mate (lucky git) lol :icon_thumright:

Do you know what tickets you have.. where you be watching it from?

Get yourself some Ear Plugs and a ticket holder!

only .....158days 23H 52M 22S to GO GO GO!!


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26a i believe. my step dad finalised the booking as i was working, carnt wait mate, gunna be epic


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Lucky sod! Monza is on my list to watch live. And Spa, but Monza just because of the atmosphere there. Can't beat the Tifosi going nuts! You'll enjoy it! If you don't put pics up after the race we'll all be disappointed! Lol