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  • Hi Mate. I see that your in Sheffield and have a VAG COM. Are you willing to check my Audi A3 2005 for any fault codes?
    Ummm, looks quite involving fella tbh - but thats cos im doing the other auto bits, the mirror just requires a single loom, i'll do a build thread once ive sourced the mirror, prob gonna buy rest from stoke Audi...watch this space - ive found that Kufatec do a mirror and loom for £170 delivered KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG - Auto-Dimming Interior Mirror - retrofit - Audi A3 8P 37617, additional looms required for the auto lights/wipers, and looks like im gonna have to buy elsawin too to work out the wiring as nobody seems to want to help - only people who want to make money out of me :/

    will let you know how i get on - if you dont beat me to it :)

    hi mate looking to do the mod of auto dimm rear view mirror ,,whats involed apart from a new front screen..cheers,mate
    Mornin Ash

    TBH after visiting Keighley for two xcars within 12 months id happily never go there again, every car in Keighley appears to be an absolute shed..... i dont know if they are near a main auction or what and it sounds daft to ring fence a car just because of where it is, but after viewing several for the misus and several for me more recently.....every one of them had something wrong with it, somethinbg that would make anyone not want to buy.....

    plus if its come from another garage, it obviously aint flying out the door, by all means go and have a look but i wouldnt be leaving any telephone deposits - depends how cliose you are mate

    Hey Animal
    Sorry to bother you but i was just after a bit of advice.
    Am interested in a 56reg S4 in matte black on Autotrader and it is at Elite motor company in Keighley.
    I saw on a thread that you've been there and i was wondering what your experience was with them?
    The car is cat D with only 26000 miles for £12,495. It was 13,495 at another garage a couple of months before.
    Any input would hugely appreciated.
    no worries mate...... erm the only way i know is to click on their name on their posts to pm them
    how do i search for members so i can contact prawn??? you have to bear with me dude havent been using asn fo long. thanx
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