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  • Hello there
    I spoke with my insurance and having this done pushed up my premium to much so I decided not to go with it.
    Sorry can't share any positive information about it. Let me know how you get on and how it performs.
    Hi mate thanks alot for your info andhlp but I am not prepared to spend lots o money on turbo at the moment.cheers
    hello mate i sent fr&r an email asking them about the dpf removal , which they can do but works out at nearly 900 quid which is quite expensive compaired to most of the rest of them , so im thinking of getting a custom one then going down to see them , i wanted to pick your brains and see if you had heard of a company called md enginering ? mas performance is using them to make a dpf delete pipe and they quoted me about 150ish for the pipe which i think is good but wondering if you had heard of them or can point me in right direction to get a custom one made from somewhere decent ?
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