F1 Season 2012

My dream result for next weeks race in Brazil is Vettel to have transmission failure, Hamilton 1st, Alonso 2nd and Webber 3rd. Howzdat?! :laugh:
Id like to see …(vettel out) Hamilton 1st Senna 2nd and Alonso 3rd :eyebrows:
I would like Webber 1st, derista 2nd and Alonso 3rd. :) x
I hope Vettel isn't able to do that annoying finger salute.
I want Vettel and Hamilton to smash each other on the first corner, Alonso win, Rosberg second and Massa third and then Raikkonnen and Webber ;)
Times at end of FP3


Light rain in Brazil, just been thinking, how good it will be to see Alonso and Vettel start tomorrow back down around 14th 15thon the grid? :whistle2:
What odds would I get for someone (probably Timo Glock) to punt Vettel out of the race ..I live in hope. :)
What odds would I get for someone (probably Timo Glock) to punt Vettel out of the race ..I live in hope. :)

Grosjean is the more likely candidate! :laugh:

I had thought about Massa punting off Vettel as taking one for the team, but it's his home GP, so I doubt it will happen, and it would be amazing if Ferrari ask him to let Alonso through on this track... should be an interesting race though.
I say Glock because he owes Ferrari a driver's championship after he screwed up Massa's "win" a few years back.. bet he's already had a visit from la cosa nostra too. :nunu:
Good Luck to Alonso today!

Defo need someone to take Vettel out. Think Alonso deserves it because hes kept himself in the championship all year without having the quickest car.

Hope Schumacher also has a good outing in his last race. He is a true legend!!!
Hope Schumacher also has a good outing in his last race. He is a true legend!!!

No disrespect to you but….
No …lets see a Williams take him out, in the same way as he did to Hill to win his first championship!! :no:

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​Just need some rain to make this a more exciting race. Enjoy everyone. :) x
No disrespect to you but….
No …lets see a Williams take him out, in the same way as he did to Hill to win his first championship!! :no:
...then tried to do the same to Villeneuve a year later, and later tried to secure pole at Monaco by blocking the first corner after he'd posted the fastest time! Then there was the time he almost put Barricello into the pit wall rather than let him through, had Coultard up by the lapels because of his own poor judgement, etc...

personally can't stand the arrogant a**hole - good riddance.
What an entertaining race, though finishing on the SC was a bit of a let down. Would have preferred a McLaren one two, just a for a dream ending for Lewis on his last race for McLaren, but it wasn't meant to be. Driver of the year for me is Alonso though, hats off to him, he nearly won the championship with an inferior car! Congrats to Vettel on being World Champion for the third time!

Definitely the most entertaining F1 season for a while, lets hope 2013 season is of a similar quality.
Oh YES, RB do it again :eek:)

What a race, i was on the edge of my seat.
Well ….well….well, I want tobe in a lottery syndicate with Vettel…. So lucky!! but good drive by Vetteltoday. :applaus:
Driver of the day for me was Massa, :applaus:he did a good jobfor Alonso, on the other side Vettel was tripping over Webber all day? ;)
Once again if Hamilton didn’t have bad luck, he’d have no luck at all. :(
Tbh it be nice to have seenVettel up on the podium to seen the world champ crowned ???
Great race from start to finish,I hope Hamiltons luck changes with a change of team,I do feel for Alonso but Vettel is a brilliant driver as is all of them,we see slow mo footage of them being inches away from each other at 200mph and maybe assume it isn't that difficult but my view is they are highly skilled sportsmen who deserve the money
When I saw Vettel going backwards I thought he had lost it.

He surprised me by coming back from last place, but there was a lot of guys moving out of the way for him, including his old (only) mate Shummie.

Once again Button proves to be the best driver in the rain. I heard his Dad wouldn't buy him wet tyres when he was karting, and so he seems to be at one with the track when it rains.

Bad luck to Hamilton, nobody to blame, it just looked like a bit of a slip. He is going to have a tough season next year in that Mercedes. 5th best car perhaps?

I am looking forward to March in Australia, but I hope Vettel doesn't dominate. I mean the guy is good, but he even owns water ***.
with McLaren losing their fastest driver, will they still be a force to be reckoned with next season?

I'm looking forward to finding out already.
Great final race. Vettel is one lucky son of a *****. To get tagged twice and still have his car running is jammy. 13 weeks to go before it all starts again.

Ferrari want to establish whether there is enough evidence to lodge a protest that, if successful, could overturn the result of the Formula 1 world championship


They say a marshal was waving a green flag at the pit entrance therefore he was okay to overtake,I am sure someone has a photo or sky have some feed on that part of the track to show this.
Just watched this on sky news, the marshals are waving a flag (yellow or green?) It looks more like yellow to me, that over rules the lights if green, but then he drives passed the next flashing yellow light before overtaking?
I know rules are rules, and as much as I'd like Alonso to be world champion over Vettel, can't help thinking gaining a championship in this way seems hollow. I mean Ferrari deliberately cracked their gearbox seal to gain an advantage in the race before, so using every little trick in the book.

Saying that, I think Vettel bottled at in the start, bogging down which got him into trouble in the pack which led to his coming together. Was he a worthy champion?
TBH JoJo, I think along the same lines, id have liked Alonso to have won, but now the race is over. It’s over!

Iv seen it so many times on the last race of the season, where the other drivers jump out of the way of title contenders, and where a rule can go against them, FIA looks the other way.

That said, I do think Seb did overtake under yellow flashing lights, If you look atthe vid, Jen-Eric Vergne is behind two other cars, watch how much he slows down to let Seb pass.
Jen-Eric trips Vettel up?
"This Video no longer available due to a copyright claim by Formula One Management"? ...a skeptic might think they're trying to cover up the evidence of a ****-up or corruption & rewrite history.

Just deleted my Sky recording last night too. But I remember they looked closely at the incident after the race and concluded the waved flag was yellow. :(

edit: sorry got that wrong - they concluded there was a yellow light, then a green light, then a waved flag, then two more yellow lights! He was already slightly ahead of Vergne as he got to the green light, which makes it illegal.
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With respect JoJo, what ever we see in print today will have no bearing on anything, its still up to Ferrari if they want to appeal.

I dont think they will ?

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