Leaky boost pipe, 2.0 TDI - solution?


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I think he means like a dumpvalve kind of noise, my car makes the same noise and I've noticed a decrease in torque when I floor it, so I'm guessing I have the same problem, for the time being I think I will try the O-ring solution to put me on until I can afford the Forge kit.

Hi there, I mean that when I let off the accelerator and change gear there's sometimes a light whooop noise. Not like a dump valve pttissssh noise. (Hope that makes sense?)

Think I'll try the new o-ring thing first.

Replaced mine today with a thicker o-rings, much harder to put the pipe back in and the noise has stopped so hopefully will last a long time.

Hi Simon, any idea what size o-ring you used? Thanks.

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Well UPS have delivered a very well Engineered set of replacement boost hoses.

Now is that a Mod that my insurance company will need to know about - doesn't increase power just makes sure that I don't loose any.


mike foster

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Don't think it's classed as a modification - just replacement parts to improved design !


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Yes all tfsi coolers will go on tdi. But the hoses wint fit. Reason being you need the metal connection on the "L" hose for the tdi and not on the tfsi. S hoses is ok
hey man, are you sure that TFSI IC = BKD IC?
I ask you because I can get a cheap S3 IC and I don't know how It's going to fit in my MKV 2.0TDi BKD...just buying the forge silicone hose kit?


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I am experiencing this at the moment, well I think I am? I have oil leaking out of the joint and is making a lot of whistling noise. Is it just the one pipe and both ends of it?

I am an apprentice engineer so have access to a wide range of o-rings at work so am going to try and fit one that is slightly thicker so will hopefully have a more positive seal, I’ll let you know how I get on.

Hey, just wondering if you could offer some advice... is there any sure way to know where the boost leak is coming from when i have the engine running and i am listening for a the whistling noise all i can hear is the very loud engine haha

Also could you give some dimensions on the thickness of the O rings you have used, as i have replaced a few on the joins what looked like they were the leaks but i still have the whistling and a i still feel like i have a lack of grunt :/

Thankyou, Scholey3.


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apart from main dealer where can i get these o-ring seals from?also would it work if you took off the retaining clips and swapped them for jubilee clips?any advice would be very greatful(dont really wanna go down the silicone hose route)
thanks Nomis

kai hunterwood

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Heeman - PM me your email address and I'll send you the ETKA page with the actual items and part numbers if you want.

hello mate, i have the same problem with leaking boost pipes from the right hand side as you are standing over the bonnet, could you send me the print screen off ETKA with exploded picture of the boost pipes and intercooler please. so i can get the part numbers of the seals and pipes i need.

cheers kai

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I need your email address to send it Kai.

I assume you are talking about a BKD engine

Edit : see if this works :-
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