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  • Hey bud, sorry for the delay had somethings to take care of.

    Inside and out detail during June, what's your availability like and cost?


    Hi, just found your question! I don't dislike your post! Must have clicked it accidentally. Sorry. Can I retract it?
    Alright mate, pretty much running the same set up as you but in blue! Just wondering what size your rims are??? am torn so much between 18 & 19's but couldn't quite work out what size you were running! Cheers mate!
    hi mate, quick question. Is it a timing chain on the 1.6 and not a cam belt? if so when does this need to be changed? and when does the water pump need to be changed ideally? thanks
    sounds good! well im just getting some quotes now bit steep though :\ insured till feb for £150 which would replace my existing car. then it'll be around £850 to £950 for the year on my own. so how much would you say an audi a3 sline 1.6 fsi petrol manual 3 door 68000 miles fsh would be worth? sorry cant PM yet need a certain amount of posts :( thanks
    hi mate, sorry to bother you but i am looking at a 1.6 fsi a3 and was just after some advice and your experience with yours, was told on here you have one! How do you find the running cost and servicing etc. Love the car but really unsure whether to purchase or not as its a big step from my old car!! ha! so just looking for some info on them. also, the price of the car is £7495, it's a 2006, 1.6 fsi s line and has done 68000 miles. However the cam belt and water pump hasnt been done so if he doesn't knock me a few hundred i probably wont bother. thanks for your time.
    hi mate im new to the forum ive been looking around and ive seen quite a few comments from you, im just wondering whether you know about and audi meets happening in the midlands or somwhere close to the midlands (bham manchester derby etc) ?? pm me please if so cheers
    Hi buddy yeah I've got the Leon splitter on my car take a look through my thread (the story so far) there is some pics in there of the front , I painted my grills in satin black then clear coat over the
    Top in my thread there loads of pics of my grills too
    Hi mate, i belive you have the LCR splitter on you 2 piece grille A3 .
    I am interested in getting this done to my 3.2 8p1.
    Is it possible to get pictures of what it looks like?
    And i am looking to change the chrome surround into gloss black. have you done this? and if you have, did you do the grille? or leave that as it was?
    Many thanks in advance! :)
    No i ment the front dude
    So looking forward to dropping it and sticking the splits on.
    Then a tad of tint and debadge dewiper hold on it sounds like your build thread lol
    hi pal yes done it on photobucket like you said just cannot get rid of 2 posts there is no edit button
    Fran you up for a meet in Bristol on the 12th? Check my thread in the 8P section or events :)
    hi mate where did you get your black grils from please top ans bottom grills???as i hate the chrome n mine black looks ace
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