HELP! S4 B9 What Wheel Spacers Do I Need?


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I have wheels that are 20 inch 8.5J ET45 for my S4 B9
They are hitting the Caliper and i need wheel spacers, im not sure what size i need, i want to use the most minimal sized wheel spacers to keep the wheel away from the wheel arch as much as i can, can anyone work out what size i need?


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I have a set from an rs3 8v for sale, hub centric & bimecc, so good brand.

Bimecc SPK90C 15mm Wheel Spacers X 4- Audi - VW - 5x112, 5x100 - 57.1 - Hub Centric.

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Pretty sure it's a 66.6mms CB on the b9. 12mm spacers should do the trick.