1. PCA7

    A7 Calipers Colour

    Hi All, My A7 is goin into have its wheels refurbed on Monday and I thought may as well get them to paint the calipers as well. I'm stuck on what colour to have them as I don't want red. What's everyone think will look good and what stickers to get? Any help is appreciated Thanks in advance all
  2. Ranj S3

    Facelift S3 8V Facelift Brake Kit Upgrade

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing good. I have an s3 8v facelift sportback. Currently running 340mm discs at front on stock wheels. But, I'm planning on upgrading the front brakes to macan 4 pot calipers, and 2 piece 345mm discs. I've also got new wheels coming up. Motec Tornado 19" 8.5J ET45...
  3. J

    HELP! S4 B9 What Wheel Spacers Do I Need?

    I have wheels that are 20 inch 8.5J ET45 for my S4 B9 They are hitting the Caliper and i need wheel spacers, im not sure what size i need, i want to use the most minimal sized wheel spacers to keep the wheel away from the wheel arch as much as i can, can anyone work out what size i need?
  4. N

    Facelift 2017 8V S3 Front Calipers Torched!: Replacement or Upgrade?

    Hi everyone, I just came back from Laguna Seca track day, having taken the S3 there for the second time now. Truly amazed by this beast! I was getting my pads swapped today back to street and the shop mentioned that my front calipers had essentially been torched during track day during hard...
  5. 8PBE

    New brake calipers, need help.

    Hi all, new to the forum and to audi and cars in general. I just picked up a 2011 (61) Black Edition A3 Sportback (138 Hp). I'm wanting to get some new brake calipers as the ones it came with aren't exactly the prettiest, but I have no idea what it is I need to look for to make sure they will...
  6. KieranS3

    Wheel options for S3 with TT RS Brakes/Big brake kits

    Just wondering what wheels are people running with big brake kits? I am currently running the standard facelift S3 alloys with a 12mm spacer and they fit fine over TTRS calipers, but I would like an aftermarket set like OZ's or something.
  7. W

    caliper painting or replaced

    hi guys, Just after some pictures really of anyone who has had their calipers repainted or had new coloured ones fitted. I am having my refurbsished as they are the rustiest calipers I have ever seen and really ruin the look of my Black edition Avant (2l petrol quattro), daytona grey. I am...
  8. B

    Brake caliper colour?

    Hi everyone new to the forum ive bought an a3 2.0 tdi and wondering what colour to do my brake calipers on the back of the car the fronts are already red but the backs have been replaced so need painting just want opinions on colour. Cheers
  9. D

    Brake set, purely for vanity

    Hi All, MOT has pointed out that my pads need replacing soon and potentially discs not too far after that (although would need a better check for that as MOT doesnt take the wheel off). I've been thinking about getting a cosmetic upgrade to the brakes just for vanity really, The discs get...
  10. B

    Need brake advice!!!

    Want to upgrade my brakes on my a3 8p to some of the bigger performance ones, I've looked at the Brembo and s3 breaks. Not quite sure what I need to get though or where to get it.