1. J

    Kerbed Wheel and Tyre

    Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong section etc but not sure where else to ask. Earlier today I accidentally kerbed my rear offside wheel but whilst doing that it also pinched the tyre and a small section has peeled off. If I take it to a tyre place they’ll tell me to replace it because they...
  2. N

    A3 8p wheel fitment

    Hey, guys getting new rims for my a3 (19, 5 x 112, 8.5j, ET45) I just wanna ask will I have any problems with it and what tire should I fit I was thinking about 225/35/19 but I'm open for suggestions.
  3. J

    HELP! S4 B9 What Wheel Spacers Do I Need?

    I have wheels that are 20 inch 8.5J ET45 for my S4 B9 They are hitting the Caliper and i need wheel spacers, im not sure what size i need, i want to use the most minimal sized wheel spacers to keep the wheel away from the wheel arch as much as i can, can anyone work out what size i need?
  4. T

    Wrong Steering Wheel for DIS

    Hello, I did search the forums for a similar case but couldn't find anything! I've come to realise that I have the wrong steering wheel for my 2016 S3. The steering wheel I have fitted is for a virtual cockpits (view button instead of menu) and the wiper stick also does not have buttons to...
  5. Y

    CAN-BUS ABS wheel speeds A3 8L

    Hi guys, my name is Ygor and I'm developing some systems to get information from the CAN-BUS of the Audi A3 8L 1998-2006, I did some tests but I was not successful, I would like to know if anyone would have this information to help me. What I need is the Protocol (code) sent by Can for ABS...
  6. W

    Some friendly wheel alignment advice

    Hi all, I've been reading on these posts a lot about wheel alignment with some people saying to use this make of machine that machine etc etc.. A lot of the printouts that I've seen actually have the wrong car specs on, or the cars have coil overs fitted and then still using standard specs...
  7. T

    Will they fit?

    Hi I have purchased new wheels they are 18” 9j et41, will they fit on my saloon, if not what sort of spacers will I need? Car is lowered 40m all round. Thanks
  8. P

    Help Please A/C doesn't work

    Hi. As the title goes I'm having problems with air con. When holding the ac button the light is lit and turns off immediately upon releasing the button. On vcds it shows that the ac pressure is at 1.2bar. The pressure sensor looks good and does not appear to leak but I've noticed something that...
  9. S

    In search for alloy s3 saloon

    Does anyone or know anyone who has alloys for sale, audi s3 2016 saloon, see picture for alloys in search for. Have searched the whole of ebay gumtree etc with no luck, all are either damaged or not willing to deliver and are over 6 hours away from me. Thanks in advance
  10. PhantomBlackS3

    Left side wheel poke

    Hi all, run in to a bit of an issue. Recently put aftermarket wheels on my S3 (8P) and yesterday noticed that my front left wheel is not sticking out further than my right side by around 10 to 12mm. No spacers fitted, all wheels are the same width and offset. Really stuck as to what this could...
  11. y15usf

    Biggest rims fitted with stock suspension - A3

    I have been looking around to get some new rims soon and I have been looking at getting bigger rims than my stock 17-inch ones. My current preference has been 19-inch rims and from messuring, it looks like it should fit with good clearance. I wanted to know if anyone has had issues with...
  12. AliiiB

    Facelift Whining sound and tyre rub

    So the other day, I kerbed a wheel pretty bad and now the steering wheel is out of centre(assuming a alignment will sort that) but it rubs on full look both ways (problem 1) Now I’m hearing this sound I’ve not heard before, am I getting too paranoid or is it something (it occurs on...
  13. Alec97

    Winter/ Snow Tyres for S3 8v Fl

    Can anyone reccomend from experience a set of winter tyres for my S3 8v Fl ? I mean it was pretty decent with last years snow on PS4's !! I just want to put the icing on the cake this time round. Wheels are 225/40 R18 Nice one ! Al
  14. Jtg1998

    Anybody know what this sound could be?

    When driving I occasionally hear a metallic sound coming from the front drivers side wheel area, however, this is only when I'm driving slow. The first video is me trying to turn the front passenger wheel when jacked, and the second video is me trying to turn the front driver's side wheel...
  15. R

    New or Part Worn Tyres & where from? Also Wheel Tracking?

    Hi guys, I'm due to change my 2 front tyres. I usually go for branded part worn tyres for £25-30 each (plenty of thread). However I've seen some good deals posted online and more recently on HUKD for ATS. I can pick up 2 of the following for £105 (fully fitted, balanced with valve replace)...
  16. JayRS3

    RS3 8V PFL Aftermarket Rims and Spacers Squeak

    Hi All, New to the forum so please bare with me if I make a conduct mistake. I have looked around the forum for a problem related to mine but could not find anything. Here is my issue: 10 days ago I got my new rims fitted, however we had to put in 6mm spacers to make the rim clear the front...
  17. K


    Hey everyone, I am looking for some help. I bought some rims from a 2010 A6 thinking they would fit my 2012 and serve as winter wheels. Turns out the center bore is different. I found a place that will make an adapter in the form of a wheel spacer (from Us Wheel Adapters). I need to know the...
  18. B

    What wheel are they?

    Can someone please tell me what wheels these are as i would like to get them Cheers
  19. CountryGent

    Recommended Wheel Alignment in Wiltshire

    Hi, Just looked at the thread http://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/tracking-wheel-alignment-help.88216/#post-897719 and I am looking for recommendations for a reputable wheel alignment company in Wiltshire. It seems to be hit and miss for the level of service and capability from...
  20. A

    Alloy Wheel Covers

    Hi guys, I’m new to the forum but hoping you can help. I attend a lot of track days and shows, I have several sets of wheels that I change on the car depending on if I am on a track, at a show or just on the road. I’m getting a little tired of the wheels that I’m storing or transporting...