German Car Show 2010 - Rockingham


German Car Show
Hi all

I am running in 2010 at Rockingham called German Car Show which is an event that celebrates German engineering. I received quite a bit of interest at Castle Combe and few lads mentioned to post on your forum.

So far interest from the Audi scene has been very encouraging and we are working with likes of Adrian Flux Insurance/ HIC and RS Tuning who sponsor our events etc. We have been running track/circuit based car shows for ten years.

Circuit - BTCC Track from £15 (15 & 30 min slots, 7 slots bargain £99).
Premium Circuit - One of the top 3 premium circuits in the UK
Trade - Trade village
Live Arena 1 (main arena) - Live action with BMW M3 stunt team
Live Arena 2- Live action
Indoor VIP facility - free to all
Club parking - exhibition area, hard stand

The date is to be confirmed as we are waiting on Rockingham allocate a date after race series are planned in across all UK circuits.

In the meantime we have a facebook at which will be updated with dates etc.

Track is very reasonable coming in from £15 a session and entry is usually about £12.

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German Car Show
Hi all

the event date should be announced in the next week or so but today we can confirm

Adrian Flux Insurance are the title sponsor;

Adrian Flux German Car Show
Rockingham Motor Speedway



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Looks interesting, and £15 per track session is a bargain! I've done Rockingham before, it's a braking circuit, which actually killed my brakes, but it's more to do with the crap disks I was supplied with than the actualy track itself!

Date dependant, I would be interested in attending, and I'd possibly like more details on setting up a Audi-Sport club stand for the event.


German Car Show
brilliant, the date is provisional so I hope to have cast iron confirmation next week.

The delays have been down to Donnington & Silverstone issues creating greater demand on Rockingham as well as the 2010 racing calendar in upheaval.



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I'm monitoring this...looks promising :)


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I'll definately be up for this, and I can bring a big german crowd with me as I only live 20 mins down the road, maybe a trader or 2 as well.


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Interesting this. French Car Show was brilliant for 07/08 and 09 but probably not going this year.

Would come to this however.


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yer rockingham is a great track, got taken out in noble m12 when i went fcs a while back

would be well up for german car show there too