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  • Hi mate,got a RNS-E Mk I unit from ebay that shows SW: X--- version! Can you help with upgrading the firmware to 0650 or 0660 version?
    I'm only round the corner from you,Chapel-en-le-Frith.Cheers.George
    A4 b7 170 - Intermittent glow plug light and loss of power. Could you scan for codes?

    Beer tokens ready if need be!


    Hi bud,

    I wondered if you'd be so kind as to help me out... I want to re-code a couple of things on my A3 8P (2004 2.0 TDI Sport), I want the doors to lock when I go over 10mph and to unlock when I remove the key from the ignition, I'd also like, Enable seatbelt chime, Enable selective unlocking, all of which I found in a guide. Would you help me with this using your VagCom please?

    Kind regards,


    I am shortly going to be fitting cruise and MFSW to my 2005 A4.
    Is this something you can code in ?

    Where about's are you based ?, I live in Reddish but work in Handforth
    h mate are doing a vagcom pal i have a problem with my audi a3 with the thermostat please get back to me if you can help shaun.
    Hi Bud,
    Please check out the meets section on here as we are trying to organize a meet at the end of the month in slaford so not to far for you
    Hi there mate ive noticed on the google map for VAGCOM that you live in Alderley Edge (I only live in Wilmslow).

    My car is going in to Awesome GTI tomorrow and they want to charge me something like £65 for a diagnostic check. I was wondering if there was any chance you were free tonight just to plug my car into your VAGCOM to see if any fault codes come up so I can save myself £65 quickly. I know its short notice and if your busy then it doesnt matter.

    Many Thanks

    Hiya, saw you maybe interested in some of the parts, is there anything particular you where thinking of? There's quite a bit I've got so sure there'll be something just depends on what you're interested in

    Evening mate, cracking idea about popping the buttons off. It is something that has annoyed me since buying my S3 2 years ago. Both the minus buttons have worn off to a white blob plus the OFF button. Was waiting to find a complete unit and swap but as this is the cas I will buy a perfect looking one from ebay, swap the buttons and sell it again!! Just tried removing mine and they come off easu enough. Many thanks for the tip.

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