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  • not got a clue about the jabba manifolds mate, most of this work was already done when i bought the car, try looking on jabbas website they may have power graphs vs stock or something
    yer mate id imagine the ihi setup would be good, all depends what kinda power your after as i said, bear in mind that anything over 300-320bhp you will have to change the rods for forged items so thats an extra cost, not much of a problem if you plan on doing the spanner work yourself of course, but if paying a garage thats alot of extra labour
    i think the boost controllor will only be useful on mega powered s3's like 500bhp and above, dont forget the quattro system puts the power down good enough already, when i was at the pod once i had found a good place to drop it from the quattro really came into its own, pure grip off the line with minimal or no spin, happy days :)
    cheers mate yeah very helpful are the jabba mainfolds any good as i have never seen one and would normaly use a tubular manifold but am not wanting to throw loads of money at the car as i have a 550 brake horse escort so audi is just for work and daily driver so ihi set up would be good i think reason i asked about boost controller is on my escort i use a e boost 2 and it had a boost setting for every gear and three different levels like normal road driving quick driving then flat out and helps with traction did i read in a post your chaning your brakes if so whats there and what sort of price are you looking
    it will be around the 300bhp mark, but not yet had it rr so cant give an exact figure, yet!
    the vf34 turbo is not capable of producing more than 330bhp mate, it simply doesnt have the capacity to do so
    before the vf turbo it had a ihi hybrid turbo and made 361bhp, im not even sure if a gt28 would make this kinda power
    no boost controller mate, unsure about the electronic ones but mbc's are a no no on these engines
    as with all bt conversions it really depends on how much power you want and how deep your pockets are
    my setup for a daily drive is great to be fair, the power is higher up the rev range so you can cruise around without being in boost which helps the mpg but when you wanna get on it you dont get stupid amounts of lag as its not a huge turbo, as always though fast isnt fast enough and im looking to get more power lol
    hope this helps dude
    hi there was just reading your engine spec on a post about pod do you know what power its running with that set up and is it quick also do you run a boost controller my mate ran the same set up on his old ibiza with a boost controller and was really quick and made 366 bhp was thinking of doing same conversion on my s3
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