Engine mount issue!?!?!


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Hey guys pretty worried about this problem I got today
there is an engine mount under the engine can think it's the rear lower mount the goes into the gear box
where it bolts into the gear box the threads are gone so it won't stay bolted in! I was thinkng liquid metal?
any help please??


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Don't know if it helps but if you look at post #2453 on tufftys "minor modding thread" it might be useful to you. He puts a helicoil insert in.


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Helicoil insert is what you need mate, it sounds like the dogbone mount threads in your box have gone.

It's a very easy job, took me about 20 minutes to do mine, helicoil kit was about £20 and you just need to jack the front up high enough to get under there with a drill.


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