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  • Hi! I'm a new member but been following the forum for a while and I'm just about to order a couple of XS mani's and dp's so thought I'd contact you to see if anyone else had shown interest?
    hi welly im told your the guy to see about a FMIC i was looking on the thread and was i was wondering do you sell or know a suppler for all the other necessary pipe work (kit) listed in the thread to fit the s3 8l and what is price shipped to sunderland thank you i know you proberly dont but maybe you can help me on the road im on a small budget :)


    Sorry to hear your selling bumble as I've enjoyed reading your progress but this may be a sign that I should buy it as only messaged bill yesterday about going big turbo on my s3. If you could pm me some details I'll have a think about purchasing the beast.


    Hi welly, cnt seem to send u a private message. Would you be able to send me some other form of contact please.


    Hiya Welly I have the Xs power Dp and Cat ready to go on the fitting issues are,nt a problem I'm just questioning the quality of it... Do you have one on your car ? I also have the mani as well....
    hello mate have you run your car on the 1/4mile yet? cos i havnt had mine dynod yet so it would give me more of an estimate of power im pushing...
    Hi dude just see the message de restricted copy of vag com ???
    How can i get this as just brought the lead was only £10 from ebay worth a shot,
    Thanks alot
    Hey m8..

    Got a few 007's im gonna clear out where do you reckon best place to advertise them without them being moved on here...???

    think dpm are the cheapest at £90 delivered so im gonna do them for 80 ...

    got a few silver and some black choices of spring too...
    Hi Welly

    I'd be really interested in reading your S3 rebuild story. Would you consider sending me details?

    I spoke to the man and it has 12 turbines,he was a bit irish or scottish i think lol

    If its a k03s how much u want for it ?
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