Help Please CGLC either ESC or DMF issue (weird symptoms)


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Nov 29, 2018
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I have all typical Clutch + DMF symptoms but please read to the end to know why it may not be DMF issue...

1) On neutral gear when I work with clutch RPM sometimes jumps +-100
2) From time to time it is hard to put Gear 1 (I have to put Gear 2 and then Gear 1)
3) From time to time when I pull off and I release clutch to quickly the car does "Kangaroo jumps". Then I need to put some more clutch and give it a bit more RPM and it stops.
4) When I am driving slowly at 2nd Gear and I press the accelerator to the floor the car doesn't have power and at some point it just "get it" and drives dynamically.
5) From time to time when I am pulling off on slippery surface I can hear significant metallic noise somewhere on the from of the car. It is a noise just like 2 metal discs are locking on with some issues.

Now... why did I said it's weird ?
When I turn off ESC (this traction control button that says "Sport" when you turn it off) none of these issue ever happen. Literally ALL of them are completely GONE.

The question is why ? What ESC has to do with all of the above ?