esc fault

  1. X

    ECU, ESC, Hill hold, Parking break errors/faults

    During Easter i went to wash the car, and following the wash while i was finishing some minor detailing while the car was idle, the engine turned off and started showing errors: ESC Fault Hill Hold Assist: Unavailable Parking Break Fault (not every time though) When trying to turn on the...
  2. J

    A1 ESC Fault

    A few weeks ago I got an ESC warning flash up on my A1 alongside orange steering malfunction and ESC lights. The lights sometimes come on but then go off if I turn the car off and back on. When they come on the steering also goes really heavy and as of yesterday a flashing flow plug light...
  3. snky1987

    Help Please CGLC either ESC or DMF issue (weird symptoms)

    Hi, I have all typical Clutch + DMF symptoms but please read to the end to know why it may not be DMF issue... 1) On neutral gear when I work with clutch RPM sometimes jumps +-100 2) From time to time it is hard to put Gear 1 (I have to put Gear 2 and then Gear 1) 3) From time to time when I...