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  1. F

    Reverse switch - no power

    Hello all, Done all the usual stuff I could find suggested online, new bulb, checked every fuse, new reverse switch, checked for power and broken wiring to reverse switch. Still nothing. I have determined that there is no power going to the reverse switch. Only pin 1 (Blue/Black) has any form...
  2. 0

    Aftermarket Radio Head Unit won't power up

    Hello everyone, I have checked other threads and watched as many youtube tutorials as I could find and was still unable to find the help I need. I recently bought an 01/2003 Audi A3 8l, which sadly only had a cassette player in it, of course I wanted to upgrade to one with at least a...
  3. snky1987

    Help Please CGLC either ESC or DMF issue (weird symptoms)

    Hi, I have all typical Clutch + DMF symptoms but please read to the end to know why it may not be DMF issue... 1) On neutral gear when I work with clutch RPM sometimes jumps +-100 2) From time to time it is hard to put Gear 1 (I have to put Gear 2 and then Gear 1) 3) From time to time when I...
  4. supanova

    Audi a3 sline quattro 170bhp 2007 running issue

    Hi guys. Last week, driving home doing around 60mph and suddenly my car dropped dramatically in power, wouldnt get me above 30mph and struggling to stay alive. I nursed it home and called my mechanic. He came and started it and told me it seemed to be the turbo but he couldnt look at it for...