Steering arms & rod ends question


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Nov 13, 2009
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Hi, i've been told by Audi there's too much play on my steering arms & rod ends (driver side) and it's likely to fail the MOT.
Audi quoted £450 to change one side !!!
would you guys know if this would do the job
and if so how much can i expect a local garage to charge me for fitting it?

can anyone recommend mechanics around Croydon, Surrey ?

Any other tips welcome
free mot check by any chance?

take it elsewhere and be careful of aftermarket tie rods and ends as you'll just end up in the same boat very soon. i know my S3 chews through them! i was told by someone i trust that leomforder are decent replacements.
Surely it's just the trackrod end thats worn.... less than a tenner from GSF ( Not OEM but at a tenner who cares )

where do dealers get those prices.... crazy
My tie rod itself had play - it moved in and out.

The replacement rod was about 12 from vwspares if I remember correctly. I got an end as well as that was under a tenner.

If your based in Croydon, give Dean from 4 Rings a call on 07906581394 he can get the parts and fit for a hell of a lot cheaper than £450.

Let him know that Mr Costa from Bromley gave you his number - he's a genuine chap.
The way the rack is arranged, you have a rack, which is very short, then the track rods bolt onto the rack, and the track rod ends bolt to them. I think eurocarparts will sell a track rod with end for about £35ish.....

takes around 10 minutes to fit on a ramp, plus setting the tracking again