Track Rod arms/ends

S3 Dave

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Jul 1, 2007
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On summary after service it states slight play in n/s and o/s track arms and ends and also slight cracking in rear anti roll bar collars no play.
Is this a stealer on the earn or should I get it checked???
I would expect a little bit of play after nearly 8 years and 62,000 miles.
OH and for a laugh £490 inc for work!!
just before MOT i had to replace a Track Rod end, think it cost me £16 and fitted it myself and just got a wheel allignment done to fix the tracking after :)
god_thats_quick said:
I'd say you've been lucky to not have changed them before now, I think the track rods / ends are almost consumable bits if driven hard.

OK, Not a job for the stealers though either?! How much are the parts??
Got a mate who can do the work just got to get a 4 wheel done afterwards.
i fitted a R32 one as they don`t have the sleves as they are thicker, and it still looks oem. I have a std one sat in the garage. I would fit either R32 or after market one if I were you think R32 ones are about £100 ish. I got mine secondhand off a guy who was modding his new R32.

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