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Nov 19, 2008
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Just bought an A6 1.9 Tdi auto with 99000 on the clock. It had a cambelt change at 50k. When is the next cambelt change. I think it might be now? How much would it expect to cost from a specialist? Do i need anything else changed at the same time? Thanks if anyone can help.
Cambelt change is I think 70k, but take it from previous bad experiences I personally wouldnt let it go a mile over 60k as an absolute maximum.

Also change both the idler and tensioner pulley, and also the water pump whether it is leaking or not! Only use genuine VAG parts.

Do not skimp on a penny here. Should cost £400-500 from a specialist I would think.
50 K for a diesel. Its due. 70k is for a petrol. thats why it was done at 50 k to start with. probably the reason why its also been sold on now. can be expensive through audi. find a good independant or try EBAY as some dealers sell the dervice for a fixed price for around £300 all in.

Water pump and idler pulleys also need changing and i would change the thermostat as well while its in bits. and even the coolant temp sensor these a cheap parts but prone to cause no end of problems as you will need to drain the system anyway it makes sense and less messy.

:yes:hi,all quite a lot of cambelt changes are 60,000 miles check with dealers for model specifics...tim
I done my own timing belt on my v8 a6 as it was due,i replaced everything that run on the timing belt side of things,belt,water pump,tensioners,idlers,rollers,even all the bolts that held these above parts on,my parts total came to 350quid.
My advice,dont get a timing belt done on a budget,pay the money for peace of mind.
My indy and the previous owners have worked on an 80k basis! I just recently had it changed on 157K - last change 77K!
Audi Camberley have stated every 60K for a Cambelt change on the A6 1.9Tdi (2002). Mine is now due. Stafford Audi do a great offer via ebay for about £280 all in for a full cambelt change. They also advise changing the water pump at the same time as it involves the same cambelt procedure to reach it.
Audi camberley qouted c.£600 for the job! Ouch...
For me, I think its worth the drive up to Stafford Audi for the day to sort it out even though its about 2 hours drive and it's no more than half a tank of diesel.
Got a even better deal with a local VAG dealer recommended to me through a friend of a friend. A full Cambelt kit and water pump fitted for £250. Car is booked in for Tues next week.
Cambelt & water pump now all done.

For the Audi A6 Avant 1.9 Tdi Sport this is done every 60k miles or every 4 years. whichever comes first. This info comes from Audi Camberley.
i'm about to get my S6 done at stafford audi. £570 including a new water pump.
Mine is a 2004 (54) 1.9tdi CVT Final Edition - I just picked it up at 29,000 miles.

With the car being 4 years old now, do I really need the belt changed? I sincerely hope not as I'd like to think it has a few miles left on it yet...


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