A6 2.4V6 cambelt change!


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Nov 4, 2006
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Hi can anybody be of assistance.
My 2000 A6 avant is due shortly for a 60,000 long life service, although the car has only covered 55,000 from new.Any advice on replacing cam belt at the same time would be helpful.Owners manual states 120,000 miles for the 2.4 V6 but does not suggest a length of time for
Are you sure that's 120k Km's and not miles???????

Normaly every 60k miles or 5 years which ever sooner, but then thats another debate-Just bear in mind that if it does break you are usualy looking at between £2 & £3000!!!
at 55kmiles your in good time, though some people have gambled to 80kmiles ok.
It's 80,000 for my 2.8 SE which is much the same engine, I think. However, my last Audi 100 2.0E 5cyl went to 145,000 on the original belt before I sold it. Our old Passat GL5 [similar engine] went to 190,000 and I only changed it at about 130,000 'cos the water pump failed. It looked as good as new. Our Passat 2.0GL petrol went to 242,000 on the original cambelt - the tension pulley whined at about 120,000 so I easily replaced it, but the belt was perfectly OK so I left it alone.

The belt on the 2.8 looks almost the same size as the ones BMW use to drive their motorbikes - I have no intention of changing it as, unlike the stressy diesels or 1.8turbos, it hardly does any work. I just inspect it and give it a squirt of belt dressing every 10,000 or so [98,000 so far]

If my wife's Focus is good for 100,000 and 10yrs, I see no reason why the Audi's shouldn't do at least that.

If it works, don't mend it!
Looks like you are a very lucky chappy then!!!

I know far too many people who's belts have broken and have been left with very expensive repair bills-Not worth the gamble!

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