After Market Stereo Rear Speakers Buzzing


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Feb 3, 2008
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Hi I've just installed and aftermarket stereo in my Audi A3 None Bose. I got the right cables and the rear speakers and everything works fine and it sounds like the sub is on someone correct me if Im wrong as I didnt have to join anywires I just used the cables I bought. My problem is that when I turn CD player Off my rear speakers stay on and make a buzzing sound. Also my head unit has constant power to it. Please help the speaker buzzing is Annoying. Also like I said if there is something I have to do to make the sub turn on and Im just imagining its on then please let me know.
And Mac will shortly be along to give you the full answers but ive just had these problems myself

The constant power too the HU is a common problem... You need to swap the live feeds round ont he back of the HU otherwise your guna end up with a flat battery. If your using an iso adaptor just cut the red and yellow wires in the middle... and use 2 scotch locks too swap them round... ie red into yellow and yellow into red... this will solve that problem.

The problem with the buzzin rear speakers is due to the ****** standard amp in the boot which is used too power the rear speaks. On the standard audi HU there isnt an amp on the back like there is with after market HU's. The amp on the back of the aftermarket HU is enough too power the rear speakers without the amp in the boot so you have to cut this out off the loom so to speak. Easiest way is too run new cables from the back of the hu into the boot and bypass the amp onto the feeds for the rear speaks that is already there. (if you look in your boot where there crappy amp and sub is behind the removeable cover.... near the rear light is the wiring loom connector) Connect onto the feeds -/+ feeds for the rear speakers. This will save you having to take apart the rear panels too wire directly too the speakers.

Hope this helps... if you need more details ask Andy Mac... hes the man in the know... helped me a couple of weeks ago with this.
i dont mean to hijack this thread:unsure: but one of my rear door speakers isnt working (which i presumed is a bad connection at the door) and i didnt know there was an amp could you advise where is because it could be a good thing to look at first. Ta.
It's inside the tupperware sub enclosure so not exactly accessible unless you remove the whole sub box. You need to take the rear speaker panel off to get to the speaker, which, hard as it is, will be easier than removing the sub. Just remember to open the rear window and pull up the window rubber before prising the panel off.
i have a 5 dor does this still mean i have to open the window and remove the rubber?