After Market alpine stereo


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Aug 21, 2011
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Ruislip (Middlesex) & Longbridge (Birmingham)
When I brought my S3 the after Market Stereo fitted in the car has got a funny whining noise! It's pitch gets higher the higher the revs get!

How can I stop this? Is there a part I can buy?

My S3 has the Bose upgrade

Check the wiring on the back of the unit for any loose conenctions. Keep everything on and fidget with the wires to see where the noise starts changing and that will show you the loose wire. I had the same thing with my Parrott kit for the past couple months and it turned out to be the loose power connection plug running into the Parrott brain box. I've used insulation tape and wrapped the cable tight to the brain box.
you can buy suppressors from halfraud and other audio outlets,they are fitted in varying places though,often head unit carrying that noise needs the alternator suppressing as your picking up electrical interference,i even had to put a suppressor on my aux lead to my amp as somewhere they were managing to get interference! Alternator Suppressor ground loop isolator noise filter | eBay 1 type here but as i said various options available.