Facelift S3 cat back exhaust


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Oct 20, 2021
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Hi all,

I'm looking to upgrade my cat back exhaust on my 2017 S3 and was hoping to fit a Scorpion item as I already have their downpipe fitted. The only issue is Scorpion list fitment as pre face-lift vehicles only. I have contacted Scorpion and they can't tell me if it will fit a face-lift model.
So does anyone know of any difference between the pre face-lift and face-lift exhausts?
Any help appreciated.
I would get under & take some pics or video then compare against others.

Why they cant tell you the difference when they specifically state its for pfl only is strange as you can't make that statement without knowing, unless they haven't had a fl to measure upto.

Also you could compare exhaust part numbers for yours & pfl to check it the same, that would maybe help.

Lastly, depending where scorpion are z take your car there for them to measure up & build 1, usually they'd do for free as its another car to offer parts for.
Hi mate, following your advice, I have looked on eBay at the standard exhaust for pre and post face-lift and they look identical and seem to share the same part numbers. Also Milltek, Cobra and Remus products all seem to span the full non gpf models 2013 to 2018.