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  • Hi
    I have just bought a new Audi S3 Saloon 2020MY with the PPF. It sounds from reading various posts on the Audi-sport.net site that your resonator delete pipe would give me a subtle improvement in the sound without destroying the quality in the cabin.There is mention of a discount for forum members would you be kind enough to let me know if that is true and if so how I can go about getting the kit from you please?
    Hi Nige, Do you ship to Vancouver B.C. Canada...if so cost shipped less VAT for a FL 2017 Audi S3 res delete and does it come with detailed installation instructions.
    Hi Nige,

    Considering res delete with anti drone for my S3 8v 2017, what is the price shipped within the UK?

    Hello Nige, Could you please PM on the price to ship a facelift RS3 100 cell downpipe to Oman. Thanks
    Hi Nige,
    Can you please advise on the price to ship a pre-facelift 8v RS3 BCS 100 cell downpipe to Australia (minus VAT as it's an export)?.
    Hi Nige. Looking for a decat downpipe for the Audi S1. Already have a custom built 3inch catback, but looking dor the bcs downpipe to finish it off. Thanks mate.
    Hi nige , is there a number I can contact you on to discuss a power valve exhaust on my s3 thanks tom.
    Hi Nige, im looking for a cat back exhaust for my 2005 (55) a3 2.0 tfsi quattro. Heard so many good things about bcs and just wondered how much a catback system would be
    Alright mate,

    How much would a downpipe be for an 8v s3 saloon supplied and fitted? I am based in St.Helens as well.

    Can the downpipe be modified into the full BCS system, as I can't afford the full system at the minute.

    BCS Nige
    BCS Nige
    Hi there
    Price installed with your forum discount is £627.75 Fitting would normally be £95.00 but happy to knock this off as we have no images yet of the saloon.
    Call me on 01744 610244 to run through this with you. Pipe can be upgraded to the full system when ready.
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