S8 8V FL Stainless Fabricated Cat Back Exhaust


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Dec 16, 2014
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Hi all, had a look around the forum (and net) but can’t find much info on this topic, like title says has anyone had a Stainless exhaust built from scratch fitted to their FL S3 at a custom exhaust fabricator? If so would you recommend one?

Wondering what the sound is like from one of these, also I like the idea of being able to get minor adjustments to the sound done while its being constructed.

From what I’ve seen a custom exhaust won’t incorporate your valves, so I assume they would just tape them up and tie them out of the way. I understand this would throw up a soft code which isn’t an issue, and shouldn’t be an issue even in case of warranty (except for the exhaust of course).

I’ve looked originally at a few systems including Milltek, powervalve and Cobra, it looks to be around 1200 notes for a decent cat back system which is expensive for what it is, but there are a lot of people who have had them fitted and haven’t been happy. The Cobra non valved cat back seems to be the most competitive priced unit but then someone on here posted it made their mates car sound like a tractor and he ditched it.

I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m a grand out of pocket with a system that’s not to my liking and having to spend another grand trying a different system, the reason a custom exhaust is appealing (apart from the price) is the fact they can dumb it down if you think its a bit too loud while you’re there.

Any advice appreciated