Q7 Rear Wiper too much resistance on glass??


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May 4, 2020
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Ok, so today i replaced the wiper motor on my Q7 as the dreaded water ingress had happened - again!! All put back together and checked my handiwork only to find that when the arm was lowered onto the glass it was as though there was too much resistance and the wiper stopped, blowing the fuse! so, into the front footwell (another job) and replaced the blown fuse. I then removed the arm from glass and works as it should. but when i put the arm back on the glass it moves 4-6 inches and stops so i switched it off and removed it from glass, before it blew the fuse again and - it works fine!!! whats going on here guys?
Thanks. I’m thinking so too so have ordered (again) a replacement. All the very best!
Update. Fitted new motor and replumbed the plastic pipe work fittings to ensure better joints for fluid. Works great! Just need tailgate closure switch to arrive and I can put all trim back in place.

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Thanks. I’m pleased but it was a faff.

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