Q7 Rear wiper washer issue


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Feb 6, 2017
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My rear wiper washer has low pressure and I've found that fluid is leaking into the boot trim, please could someone tell me how best to access the washer pipe which I assume as either crack or come loose?

Do I need to remove the whole of the boot trim, how do I do this?

What part numbers would I need to replace a cracked pipe?

Any help would be very much appreciated!
I strongly suspect you will find that the wiper motor is at fault. This is a very common issue across the whole VAG range due to a design fault in the integrated wiper motor/water shaft unit. Water leaks into the wiper motor casing causing the gradual build up of brown sludge (grease/water/rust). This in turn can cause fluid to drip from the wiper motor casing into the car and erratic wiper behaviour leading to eventual failure. Quite common all inside 5-years. :grumpy:

You will need to remove the boot door trim to access the unit and/or the pipe. I don't know how to remove your trim but mine (A3) involved two screws and then the trim just removes with a sharp tug being held in place with metal, arrow-shaped prongs which locate into holes in the door. I would guess something similar across the VAG range. To remove the motor, there is an electrical plug and plastic pipe to detach and from memory, two 13mm nuts. On the outside you need a small puller to remove the wiper arm.
Removed the trip, tested the washer and fluid is ******* out of the motor where the seal seems to have failed. Looked on eBay and a new genuine part is £55 so not the end of the world...
Obtained my car when it was 4-years old - the motor was "playing up" shortly after :grumpy:. Spoke to one of the many ebay firms selling replacements - this single little firm told me that they sell "hundreds a year" :blink:

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