Abs and traction warning


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Sep 9, 2018
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Recently had my abs, traction control and hand brake warning come up on the dash while driving along.

Sometimes after switching off the car and back on it will stay off.

Sometimes after driving with the lights off and parking up overnight when I start it up the next morning the lights come back on.

Also noticed when lights are on the engine won't switch off with the first press of the key. Have to push it a few times.

Had it scanned with vcds
Pictures should be below!
Picture showing for me. Added it via gallery I think. Wouldn't let me post them direct.

Anyway they are
01316 abs control module
00285 wheel speed sensor front right
00473 control module for park brake
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Edited the previous post. Have a new sensor ordered but didn't think it would show as many faults for it
Yea that’s what I was going for, I had both the front right and front left go within a year of each other, intermittent at first but they get more regular. You’ll probably find it’s snapped in the wheel hub, you can drill them out if they have, just be sure to go easy so you don’t go too far and damage the inner hub. It’s a straight hole through to the centre of the hub! If you need a depth guide, hold the new sensor against the drill bit to the shoulder of the sensor, and add a bit of tape. Don’t go any further than that!
Edited the previous post. Have a new sensor ordered but didn't think it would show as many faults for it

All of the faulted modules use the wheel speed sensors, one faults and they all do! You’ll probably feel the car lurch when you’re driving too, it mistakes the wheel for not moving quick enough or moving too slow and adds/removes power
Cheers mate. Have replaced then on older cars so know the problems you can face with them.
The worry I had is with the faults as the older ones usually listed which wheel and that was that.
I'll try replace it at the weekend and see what happens!
Car is driving perfectly. Have not noticed any lurching
I only noticed the lurching on the second time round, probably because I wasn’t worrying so much about it so left it a bit longer and it was on all the time! Get the sensor changed and clear the faults, more than likely find they won’t come back (until the next one goes!)
So changed sensor yesterday. Lights went out and all was good. Drove it a few miles and nothing. Now driving along this evening and the lights came back on!!
Wondering could it be a wiring problem or bad connection? As it took a bit of pulling to get the wiring off the old sensor?