Traction control and tpms lights on dash


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Mar 5, 2014
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South Wales
Hey guys,

took my car to darkside developments to get clutch and exhaust done, when it came out it had traction control and tpms on they said then ran loads of tests on it with vcds and they said they couldn't find anything the matter..

Theu sent me me an email saying this is what the have tried ....

We thought the UJ on the Steering rack was possibly out 180 (steering rack was dropped down slightly to remove gearbox, but not unplugged). Tried it both ways and it proved it was on correctly to start with.

Tried Basic Settings in VCDS for the Steering Angle Sensor

And loads of other things, including driving it all over the place, tuning all the way one way, all the way the other!

I took it to the garage today and they couldn't find anything either so what should I do take it to the guy I got it remapped at or take it to audi???

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